Sinach Biography: Awards, Albums and Other Facts About Her

Sinach is a very popular Nigerian Gospel Artiste, songwriter, and also a high ranked worship leader at Believers’ Loveworld International Church AKA (Christ Embassy). This article will throw light on Sinachs biography, real name & age, Albums, Awards, and other facts about her. She has sung several gospel hits songs. Because of her excellent gospel […]

How To Make a Man Respect You

All relationship ought to be mutual with respect, love, and understanding. In this article, I will be talking on how to make a man respect you. What you respect you value; so if he doesn’t respect you, then this is an obvious sign he doesn’t value you. You can suffer severally in the hand of […]

Frank Edward

Frank Edwards: Biography, Career, Songs & Other Facts About Him

Biography Frank Edwards is an Igbo and a Nigerian gospel artiste, recording artist and a songwriter who hails from Enugu, Enugu State. He is the founder and owner of the record label called Rocktown Records. Rocktown Records label record songs for gospel artists such as Frank Edwards, Gil, David, Dudu, Micah Heavens, Divine, and several […]

How to Know a Healthy Relationship

If you are wondering – what is a healthy relationship like? or you are asking – healthy relationships characteristics? Then you should delve deep into this post as I will be discussing the signs that will make you know a healthy relationship. When you talk about a healthy relationship, there is no strict guide to […]

How to Check 9Mobile Phone Number

How To Check 9Mobile Phone Number

Do you want to know the code for checking 9mobile phone number? Then in this article, I will show you several ways you can use to check your 9mobile phone number. 9mobile which was previously Etisalat has millions of customers in Nigeria who use the 9mobile lines for one reason or the other. Just like […]

How to make a man respect you

Signs That Will Make You Know if a Man Respects You

Respect is very important in any relationship and it ought to be mutual; Therefore, in this article, I will be talking about signs that will make you know a man truly respects you. You can’t have a healthy relationship with a man that does not regard your feelings, wishes, or rights. Several people don’t really […]

How to start a healthy relationship

The Best Relationship Advice For Couples

The best ‘relationship advice for couples’ will help you know the things you need to do to make your relationship healthy and free from divorce. Although, every relationship has its ups and down i:e there are instances where there may be a little or big misunderstanding. However, how you manage such situations, will determine if […]

The Importance of Romance in a Relationship

Several couples don’t know the importance of romance in a relationship. Romance connects couples together; and can be expressed through gesture, words or giving loved ones special treats. The presence of romance in a relationship makes it stable and fun-filled. Couples who know the importance of this powerful relationship builder (Romance) are the ones with […]