Mtn call divert

How To Divert Calls On MTN: How To Remove Call Divert

MTN call divert is a feature accessible to MTN subscribers; therefore, in this post I will be showing you how to divert calls on MTN. I am certain that after you finish reading this guide you’ll be able to use MTN sms divert code to activate or deactivate divert feature on your MTN line. Likewise […]

Lovecoin Airdrop: How to get Free Lovecoin

Lovecointoken is one of the decentralized crypto which is built on the Tron Blockchain and in this post I will be sharing with you how to get lovecoin airdrop. Cryptocurrency is the new order of money, as their value continues to rise daily as people trade it daily. Several people are now aware of this […]

call divert code

Call Divert Code: How To Divert Calls From You Glo Line

Glo Call Divert or Forwarding code is a feature that allows Glo subscribers divert their incoming calls to another number. This could be(local, International, Fixed, GSM, PTO’s, etc.). Similarly a Glo subscriber can also choose to forward their calls to their voicemail if that is what the actually want. While all Glo subscribers can activate and […]

Airdrop Crypto: What Are Crypto Airdrop?

Crypto airdrop is an easy and good way to get into the crypto world without paying fees to obtain cryptocurrency. All you have to do is participate in certain task as prescribed by new crypto developers and get their tokens. This task can be in form of sharing post on social media; and on completing […]

Nigerian youth investment fund

Nigerian Youth Investment Fund: How To Verify Your Email

If you are one of the pre-qualified applicants of the Nigerian youth investment fund, I will be showing you things you can do to verify your email. Several applicants of the Nigerian youth investment fund started receiving message on their mobile phone. This message was issued out to applicants to tell them they have been […]

Chymall Investment Reviews

If you are looking for a sincere and unbiased review on Chymall investment, then you are welcome to read this reviews on Chy mall Nigeria. High yield investment program(HYIP) is common in several countries especially developing country like Nigeria. While HYIP is a good way to get good returns on the capital you invested in […]

The Fastest internet network in Nigeria

The Fastest Internet Network Providers in Nigeria (2020)

This article is the list of the top 5 fastest internet network providers in Nigeria. These internet service providers can be trusted especially if you stay in the urban area of the country. Nigeria has the highest number of internet users in Africa and ranks 20th in the world as a result of this WiFi […]

List of tribes in Nigeria

Complete List Of Tribes In Nigeria And Their Location

Several people are interested in knowing the List of tribes in Nigeria, especially for educational purposes. Therefore, Infotips has put together a comprehensive list of all tribes in Nigeria and their location i.e. the state they are located in Nigeria. There are several ethnic groups in Nigeria. The majority of these tribes are the Igbo, […]