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How To Receive Fiverr Funds with The Revenue Card

Fiverr revenue card is one of Fiverr’s payment options available to freelancers registered on its platform; So in this post, I will discuss how to get a Fiverr revenue card and withdraw your money from anywhere in the world. You will also know what to expect by using this payment option for withdrawing your funds from Fiverr.

There are several other Fiverr payment options like PayPal. However, this payment option is not available to some countries like Nigeria. So, in other to receive your Fiverr earnings right here in Nigeria or any other part of the world where PayPal is not functional, you have to apply for the revenue card.

With the Payoneer Mastercard, you can walk to any ATM service point in your country and withdraw your Fiverr earnings. But this is dependent on the fact that you have earned on Fiverr and withdrawn your funds to the revenue card.

What is the Fiverr revenue card

Fiverr Revenue Card is one of the payment methods through which freelancers on Fiverr can withdraw their earnings. It is provided by Payoneer and powered by MasterCard. With the Revenue Card, your funds become readily available for withdrawal at any ATM service point worldwide.

The revenue card is just like the regular Debit MasterCard you get from your local bank and it can perform all the transactions supported by MasterCard. So you can make payments or withdraw money with it provided you have funds in it.


How do I get a Fiverr revenue card

You need to open an account with Payoneer first, after which, your Payoneer MasterCard will be processed on your request. And as soon as it is processed and delivered to you in your country, you can then link your Payoneer MasterCard with your Fiverr account to serve as your revenue card and your preferred method of withdrawal.

There is also another benefit that comes with owning a Payoneer account, you get to earn $25 bonus for signing up with Payoneer.

Click the link below to open a Payoneer account

How much does Payoneer Mastercard cost?

There are service fees charged for processing your funds from your Fiverr account to your Payoneer Mastercard and also for every withdrawal you make from an ATM Machine using the Payoneer Mastercard.

Basically there is a service charge of $1 for every withdrawal you make into your Payoneer master card.

You can also choose to load payments fast and this can be selected in the dialog box that provides that option during withdrawal. However, choosing to load payments fast will attract a fee of $3 instead of the regular $1.

To avoid the additional $2 fee charge you can simply wait for two days to elapse. But if you are in urgent need of your funds and won’t mind the extra $2 fee you can load your payment fast.

The minimum withdrawable amount you make; using your revenue card is $5 and there is a service fee charge for this withdrawal.

There are fees you pay during withdrawal, depending on your country. Therefore it’s better to withdraw in a large sum of money instead of frequent withdrawal. This will help you reduce service fee charges for withdrawing using your Payoneer master card.

You can also see other service fees charged by Payoneer by visiting the Pricing & fees page.

Who should use a revenue card?

There are basically three methods of receiving payment from your Fiverr account as a freelancer. The revenue card is supported in most countries, but PayPal is not supported in some countries.

Therefore, if you are a Fiverr freelancer living in a country where PayPal is unsupported; you need to make use of the Fiverr revenue card to withdraw your funds from Fiverr.

So it is an ideal alternative to PayPal if you are living in Nigeria or any other country where you can’t own a Paypal account.

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