Life after graduation

4 Things Every Youth Should Do After Graduation

Graduation day is usually one of the best moments of one’s life – during and after your graduation you feel what is left for you is to go out there and achieve another dream; like becoming a successful person in society. While some will sit down to deliberate on a career to pursue; others will […]

Dropped out of school

Dropped Out of School: What Next?

Several people drop out of school for one reason or the other – whatever, the reason for dropping out of school, it’s important to realize that dropping out of school is not the end of the world. Some people who have dropped out of school find it difficult to fit into society because of the […]

NUC: Approved Universities to run Postgraduate Programmes in Nigeria

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has released the list of Universities approved to run postgraduate programmes in Nigeria, therefore in this article, I will give you the full list of NUC approved universities to run postgraduate programmes in Nigeria. It was observed by the commission that some Parastatals and Institutes are awarding Postgraduate degrees, either […]

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NUC List of Approved Universities In Nigeria 2019

This write-up is put up to help students in Nigeria or any other part of the world who are about to enrol in a Nigeria University to study a course; know the NUC list of approved Universities in Nigeria. Education is very important, but schooling in a NUC approved university is what boosts your chance […]

A woman writing a school project

How to write a good school project (Thesis)

How to write a good school project is aimed at teaching final year student in Nigeria ways for writing a good school project. To get a good grade in your project work, you need to know how to write an undergraduate project and also learn the format for project writing. What is a school project? […]

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How to avoid plagiarism as a student in Nigeria

How to avoid plagiarism as a student Many Universities in Nigeria takes plagiarism seriously as a result, some university in Nigeria now make use of Turnitin software to check if the projects submitted by its student are their original work. Hence, a lot of student are asking this question: “how to avoid plagiarism in research?”. […]