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4 Things Every Youth Should Do After Graduation

Graduation day is usually one of the best moments of one’s life – during and after your graduation you feel what is left for you is to go out there and achieve another dream; like becoming a successful person in society.

While some will sit down to deliberate on a career to pursue; others will think it’s time to start making money straight up; because they will no longer be getting an allocation (Pocket money) from their parents.

Regardless of the decision you take, it can make or break you in the Nigerian society.

Countless people who decided to make money straight up by looking for jobs are finding it hard to see one and are also added to the list of unemployed graduates in Nigeria.

Peradventure you find a job that pays, you might not like the pay because you think it is too small for your qualification. But because of the saying “half bread is better than none” most graduates will gladly accept menial jobs rather than stay idle. And as a result, you might not be able to achieve your big dreams with the pay from that menial job.

For those who are not lucky with job hunting and are not comfortable with menial jobs; they are left with the option of creating a job for themselves (self-employed) or keep searching for a job.

In most cases, most Nigerian undergraduates will keep searching for a job; because they think there are jobs out there.

If you have discovered that it is hard to find a job in Nigeria, and you are finding it hard to cope with the experience, here are the recommended things I think you can do after your graduation. This can help you achieve and live the dream life you once envisage.

Things You Can Do After Graduation

1. Find your area of interest

Don’t be like several other Nigerian youths who think that finding a job or doing anything to make money is what they need to do next after their graduation. And as a result, they will jump at anything just to make money. Rather you should take your time to decide where your professional interest lies.

This may require you to take a break away from school or even go on a trip to gain life experience.

You can also spend quality time with your loved ones (parents, other family members or friends). I am sure if they are loving they can accommodate you in their home for the main time.

During this period you can easily reflect on your area of interest and make plans afterward.

2. Learn a trade

There is nothing as frustrating as going to school and finding it hard to get a job when all you ever did was study hard in school and never had any skillset. Well, it is not too late, you can learn a trade after your graduation this will add to your portfolio in case you still want to pursue your dream job.

There are several trades you can learn and master within a short period of time, however, this depends on your perseverance.

You can easily learn a trade from watching YouTube videos online or downloading them to watch offline.

Similarly, you can think of a business you like and will really love to do. If it requires you to learn some skill before setting up your own. You can easily apply for a job from someone doing similar business you have in mind. If they accept you, you can learn a trade while working. But if they don’t want to employ you, then you can do a job without pay for them just to learn a trade.

With that, you can learn one or two tricks from the business and this can come handy for you if you start your own business.

Furthermore, you can also get an opportunity in the future to work for certain organizations that are in need of the new skill you have learned.

Below are good examples of trade you can learn:

  1. Fashion Design
  2. Construction Manager
  3. Plumber
  4. Electrician
  5. Web Developer
  6. Phone Repairer
  7. Carpentry work
  8. Welder
  9. Automotive Mechanic
  10. Auto Body Repairer

3. Become an Entrepreneur

It’s not really hard to become an entrepreneur these days. You can get access to tons of lucrative business ideas in Nigeria from the internet. All you need is the will to start one and passion for running your business.

There are several businesses you can start with little or no capital investment. Therefore you don’t have any excuse for not becoming an entrepreneur.

You can make a substantial amount from creating a business and the interesting thing is that this is possible within a short period of time.

So if jobs are not coming after your graduation from school just go ahead and start a business.

Author Picks:

4. Hang out with Successful People

Hanging out with successful people can help your mind a lot. You can learn one or two things from their success story. And this can help you stay away from bad influence in society.

Hanging out with successful people gives you the motivation to succeed also. It can also help your thinking and it gives you an enthusiastic view of life.


It is not easy to do all these after your graduation especially when you have bills to pay. But, doing this is easier than running a rate race of job hunting in Nigeria.

At a time in life, we all need to really sit and reflect on life and know how well we have been living the best out of it.

You may become the next success story in Nigeria if you will think differently from the average Nigerian graduates.

I hope this writeup has really helped your thinking on how to get the best out of a country like Nigeria; where you have to create a standard of living for yourself or suffer like several others.

If you like this writeup you can drop your comment or contribution in the comment section below. You can also ask questions if you feel like doing so.

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