Pig Farm: How to Start a Pig Farming Business in Nigeria

Recently I met a friend of mine who has a pig farm business, I was stunned to learn how much he makes from selling mature pigs and piglets. Therefore, I decided to share with my online readers who are looking for hot business ideas in Nigeria.

Despite the lucrativeness of the pig farming business, it is still an untapped business idea in Nigeria as most pig farmers are either doing this business on a seasonal basis or on a very small scale.

In this article, you will know how lucrative is pig farming in Nigeria and how to start your pig farming business in Nigeria and lastly, you will get an idea of the price of pigs and piglets so you won’t sell your pigs or piglets for a cheap price if peradventure you venture into this business.

What is pig farming business

Pig farming also known as piggery is the raising and breeding of domestic pigs as livestock for commercial purpose. It is a branch of animal husbandry and they are farmed basically for food (pork meat) and skins.

How to start a pig farm business in Nigeria

Due to the discussion, I had with my friend and after doing an absolute feasibility study on a pig farm, I discovered that pig farming is a very lucrative business idea for any aspiring young entrepreneur that want to venture into the agriculture sector.

Pigs multiply quickly and can reach maturity within 6-8month and adult pigs typically weigh between 50 – 350 kg in size and can weigh even more if well fed.

A full-grown Pigs can be sold for ₦70,000, so imagine having a pig farm where you can raise 200 pigs annually even if you sell for an average price of ₦50000. You will make an annual income of ₦10,000,000.

A single female pig (sow) can give birth to 16 piglets. Piglets sell very well in the country if you can get a good breed from a good pig farm in Nigeria. Some pig farmers sell their piglet for ₦5000 depending on the age, while some sell for as much as ₦6000. Therefore, you can also make good money from selling your piglets.

How to start a pig farm

Below is a detail explanation on how to start a pig farming business and following all the information given will guarantee you success in the business.

  • Learn the tricks of the business
  • Secure a location
  • Build the pigpen
  • Purchase good pig breeds
  • Employ staffs

1. Learn the tricks of the business

Despite the fact that owning a pig farm is very lucrative, Notwithstanding you still need to learn the trick of the business this will help you understand the risks and rewards.

I have explained the rewards by telling you how lucrative it is to own a pig farm. So you need to get good knowledge about pig farming from a pig farmer and valuable tips on how to breed them. However, if you can’t go through. the stress there are several youtube videos on pig farming business you can watch before establishing your own.

2. Secure a good location

Every business needs a location, similarly the pig farming business. You need to secure a good location that will be conducive for breeding the pigs.

Depending on the size of your intended pig farm, you may need a very large plot of land where the pigs can graze on grass during the day time and retreat to their pigpen where they can continue feeding, playing or breeding. Therefore you will need a location in a rural settlement as this will help you cut your cost of purchasing a land.

Ensure there is access to good water and good road network; this will make supplying pig feeds to the pig farm easier and also help you easily transport your pigs to your target market.

3. Build the pigpen

This is also very important for the success of the business. You need to build a standard pigpen that is spacious this will help the pigs stay healthy and free from diseases through contamination.

You can also include a pool for the pigs where they can easily play, swim or bathe. Pigs are lovers of water, because of too much fat in their body they always look for a cool place. Therefore ensure the pigpen is well ventilated and has a good atmospheric condition that is favorable for the pigs.

4. Purchase good pig breeds

The success of the pig farm business depends on the breed selected for breeding. Some breeds grow very fast and can reach market weight within 6-8 month.

Furthermore, you should observe the following when selecting a breed

  • Ensure the piglets has a pair of bright eyes.
  • The pigs must be alert and responsive to its surrounding environment.
  • Don’t purchase aggressive pigs.
  • Ensure you don’t select mane, lame physically challenge pigs.
  • You should also inquire about the pig parents and their health information and production rate from the pig farmer.
Pig farm

Credit source: mali maeder from Pexels

Good foreign pig breeds in Nigeria

  • Hampshire
  • Hereford pig
  • American Yorkshire
  • Berkshire pig,
  • Landrace,
  • Tamworth pig
  • Duroc
  • Mulefoot pig.

But I will recommend Berkshire and Duroc breeds because they are known for fast and efficient growth, reproductive efficiency, and cleanness.

5. Employ staffs

For a large pig production farm, you will need staffs assisting you with the farm work. Employed staffs will help you feed the pigs properly, ensure the pigs are in good condition and also maintain the pig house which will prevent the pigs from contracting diseases through a contaminated environment.


Pig farming is unarguable a smart business idea, there is a high demand for it all over the world.

To make your pigs grow healthy and faster here are several other things you should do

  1. Feed your pig food that is low in fiber.
  2. Select a good protein source to feed the pig with always.
  3. Feed them good amount of food.
  4. Add supplements to the pig’s diet always
  5. Pig also need a balanced diet just like humans so ensure you feed them fiber, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.
  6. Always vaccinate your pig to avoid disease outbreak.
  7. Ensure the pig house is well-drained and free from stagnant waters.

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