Business Ideas For N-power Beneficiaries

If you are reading this post, then I believe you are one of the lucky N-power beneficiaries in Nigeria and in this article, you will discover some business ideas you can invest your N-power stipends into. After the introduction of Nigeria N-power, several Nigerians has benefited from it by receiving stipends every month. N-power Nigeria […]

Work from home jobs in Nigeria

Work From Home Jobs In Nigeria That Really Pays

Is it possible to get genuine work from home jobs in Nigeria and get paid? This was the question my neighbor asked me early this year. If you are like my neighbor and you are asking the same question, well, the internet is full of opportunities to make money online. Sincerely speaking you can find […]

The Most Lucrative Agribusiness Ideas in Nigeria

The agriculture sector cannot be overlooked as there are numerous opportunity to make good money from it. Mans basic needs are shelter, food, and clothing; and the agricultural sector is responsible for providing virtually everything. Therefore, man will always depend on this sector for satisfying his basic needs. Furthermore, the demands for agricultural products in […]

Plantain Farming Business Idea in Nigeria

Plantain farming is a lucrative business idea and unarguably one of the most profitable agro-business ideas in Nigeria. Unlike several other cash crops, plantain farming is very easy to cultivate and maintain and only a little time and money is needed to maintain it. Plantain is one of the most popular diets in Nigeria, as […]

Laundry business

How To Start a Laundry Business in Nigeria

In this article, I will be discussing how to start a laundry business. This is a smart business idea that you can easily set-up with little capital. There is a high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Similarly, most people are looking forward to set-up businesses that can give them multiple streams of income. Therefore the […]

Photography Business idea

How To Start a Profitable Photography Business

If you are looking for a smart and profitable business idea then you should consider the Photography business. Despite the advancement in technology, whereby several people can easily take pictures on their android or smartphones, people still go to a photo studio to take pictures for one reason or the other. People also invite photographers […]