Business idea you can start with little o no capital

Businesses You Can Start With Little or no Capital

While some businesses demand high start-up, several others just need little or no capital. Therefore, in this article, I will show you several businesses you can start with little or no capital investment. Even without a degree or previous knowledge about a business idea, there are several businesses you can start and this article will highlight those businesses for you.

Businesses you can start with little or no capital

1. Barbing Salon

Barbing salon business is a profitable business idea that doesn’t require much capital to startup. This is among the list of businesses you can start from home.

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2. Photography

Do you have a passion for photography? Then you should become a professional photographer. You can further improve your skill by taking courses online. There are several events in Nigeria like weddings, family event, birthdays, and several others. People will pay good money to professional photography to cover their events. But, you will need the following:

  • Photo studio
  • Good cameras (digital SLR) with high megapixels
  • Personal computer
  • kits for producing pictures in your studio.

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3. Pastry business

Are you good is making snacks and cakes? If so, starting a pastry business where people come to eat snacks is a very good business idea. You can also make snacks and supply shops to resell.

Similarly, you can make cakes for people during their special occasions such as birthdays, festivals, wedding, etc. You can easily start this business idea from the comfort of your home if you don’t have the funds to rent business space. However, you will need to promote yourself with business cards, flier, or other means of adverts.

4. Customizing T-shirts

You can make a good income from customizing t-shirts for people. But, you will need to learn how to create customized shirts on demand; using your customer’s designs, or perhaps different designs that you have on hand.

5. Poultry farming

When you talk about very lucrative businesses, the poultry business is one of such. This business can easily be set-up with little capital as low as ₦30,000 – ₦50,000. It is also a good business that gives you a good return for your investments.

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6. Web design

If you are good with web design then you should start creating websites on platforms such as WordPress. Furthermore, there are several sites you can learn from and take your web-design skills to the next level and make good money from an industry that will never die.

7. Graphic Designer

Are you good with computers and applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw or Illustrator? Then, you can start your own graphic design business. There are several companies who want to tell people about what they do and are on the lookout for good graphic designers who can design things like:

  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Fliers
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Information sheets
  • Letters
  • Advertisements

8. Hairdressing or Makeup Artist

If you have work in a beauty salon before or you are good naturally with hairdressing and makeups and you don’t have the funds to start yours. You can start a beauty salon business from your home and charge good money for the services you will render. Moreso, to increase your income you can learn and add other services like:

  • Manicure and pedicures
  • Massages
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair extensions

9. Charcoal business

This is a good business idea you can start. Many Nigerians make use of coal for one reason or the other. So, you can become a major coal supplier to the people demanding for coals.

10. Laundry Services

Are you wondering “what are the business ideas that don’t require skills”? Well, the laundry business is one of them. To make it even easier you don’t need to manually wash clothes as there are washing machines you can purchase and use to run your business with ease.

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11. Freelancing

Do you want to work from home and be your own boss? If yes; it is possible in the world of freelancing.

There are good freelance platforms you can work and get paid on; example Fiverr and Upwork. All you need to do is use your skills to earn business in your desired field such as:

  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Transcription
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Coding
  • Consulting etc.

You can really do this business without investing anything into it. All you need is a personal computer, access to the internet and you are good to go.

12. Become a Youtuber

Becoming a Youtuber is a good business idea also. You can make videos on education, business, promote a product, give health/fitness tips, entertainment, etc. and upload them on your youtube page and start making money through adds once people start visiting your youtube page to watch the videos.

13. Soap and Lotion Making

Are you good in making soap or lotion? Then, you can start your own brand of soap and lotion making. Although there are soaps and lotions that the cost of production is very expensive. However, there are some that the cost of production is relatively low.

14. Blogger

Are you an expert in a certain field? Then you can tell the world through a blog by writing on your areas of interest like travel, entertainment, education, fashion, etc. You can make money through Google Adsense, by offering advertisement and reviews of products on your site.

15. Translator

If you are proficient in more than one language? Then you should dive into one of the easiest and profitable industries (Translation industry) by translating for companies in need of a translator. Translators do not need any capital to get started and can earn a good salary. However, this depends on the size of the company you are hired by and the length of the contract they offer you.

16. Plantain Farming

Plantain is one of the popular diets in Nigeria. Hence this is a very good business idea in Nigeria. All you will need is get big acres of land and plant plantain suckers. You can make good money from selling the plantains after maturity and also by selling plantain suckers.

17. Catfish Farming

Catfish farming is a very lucrative business to do in Nigeria right now. If well managed the profit is huge and the return on investment is good compared with most business ideas in Nigeria.

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18. Tailoring

This is a business you can start with little capital investment. You can easily start this business from the comfort of your home and people will always patronize you if your tailoring work is good. This business is a lucrative business idea. You can also offer to train people on tailoring work and charge them. This is a very profitable business idea if you are willing to do it.

19. Event planner

Do you have strong organizational and communication skills, you can build up a client base and start organizing events like weddings, anniversaries and several other events and charge for it.

20. Tutor

If you have a passion for imparting knowledge to people. Then, you can teach in a one-on-one setting in various subjects that you are good at. Providing tutoring services to students is a very good business idea.


You don’t have to keep job hunting for many years and remain unemployed; instead of doing that you should actually create a livelihood for yourself by doing businesses.

I have come across several graduates with excellent academic performance and yet suffering in the labor market because they are jobless.

Several graduates put a lot of energy for years searching and hoping to get a job without success. Why not use the same energy to search online or look around you for businesses you can start with little or no capital.

You don’t have to beg or pay someone to help you get a job you can start any of the business ideas here and if you are the serious type two years is enough for you to live a life free from poverty.

Starting your business gives you more freedom and it enables you to spend quality time with your family.

Furthermore, it also helps you give your nuclear family a standard of life most parents in the country cannot give their children because of the high rate of unemployment and low salary structure for most jobs.

Wishing you success!! as you make a move for your future financial security, by choosing one of the businesses listed here and start doing it right away even if all you have is little capital.

You are free to drop your comment in the comment section below.

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