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How To Start A Barbing Salon Business & Earn ₦600,000 Monthly

If you are looking for information on how to start a barbing salon business then this post will guide you on all the steps needed to start and run a successful barber shop in any part of the world you reside in.

Similarly, you will also learn some tips that will make you outsmart your competitors in the business when operating your barbing salon and also learn how to draw a good barbing salon business plan.

What is a barbing salon

A barbing salon (barber shop) is a place people go to dye, treat, do dreads or get their hair cut.

Owning a barbershop in Nigeria has a lot of financial benefits and considering the fact that jobs are hard to see in the country it is a smart business idea.

A barbing salon

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Is barbing a lucrative business

Without doubt barbing salon business is a very lucrative business idea in Nigeria. In fact, the return on investment is very high if you can get a good location and fewer competitors.

However, the profit is subjective to several factors such as:

  • Good Location
  • Quality and type of services rendered
  • Pricing
  • Working hours

Feasibility study on barber shops in Nigeria

After doing an absolute feasibility study on the barbing salon business I can say without any doubt this business is a good source of income. You can make a good profit if you can own at least one barber shop in Nigeria.

People always want to look good and have a certain hairstyle that rocks, so you can make a lot of profit from doing this business.

Barbing salon business is lucrative in several big cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, and several others.

And as long as you set up this business in an area where there is a high population you will get a good return on a daily basis.

For instance, establishing a barbing salon business in Lekki where most of the Nigerian big earners are, can give you a huge profit.

Similarly, you can set up a barbing salon in Abuja and still make a good income from doing so.

From my findings, haircuts are priced at ₦400 on the outskirts of Abuja. But in big towns like Asokoro, Wuse, Maitama and several others, the price for a single haircut can be fixed at ₦1000.

Having this price at the back of your mind. If you establish a barbing salon business in the outskirts of Abuja for average daily haircuts of 20 you can make ₦8000 in Abuja outskirts and ₦20,000 in the big towns of Abuja.

Therefore having a barbing salon business in the big towns of Abuja can give you an average monthly income of ₦600,000.

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Barbing salon equipment, tools or Accessories:

Like several other businesses, to start a barbing salon business you need the following accessories to run it effectively.

Although, you can choose not to buy some of these barbing salon equipment. But, you shouldn’t do that as all these barber equipment list/barbing salon tools are highly important and can’t be overlooked as some potential customers only patronizing a well-equipped barbershop.

Barbing salon tools

  • Barber’s chairs
  • Quality Clippers
  • Standby Generator
  • Sterilizers
  • After Shave Lotion
  • Ceiling fans / Air Conditioners
  • Cover Clothes
  • Wall mirrors
  • Cosmetics (Hair creams, powders, sprays, dyes, relaxers, hair conditioners, shampoos, etc.)
  • Barbing salon shop pictures of stylish haircuts wallpapers
  • Miscellaneous tools (combs, scissors, blades, tissue papers, etc.)
  • Towels & towel warmer
  • Entertainment gargets (Tv, game box, sound systems, etc.)
  • Waiting-chairs
  • Furniture.

Barbing salon business plan

Establishing a good barbing salon business plan is very important. A good business plan can help you get a good return from your investment like time spent working, barber equipment list, barbing salon tools, employee’s salaries, etc. You can draw a good business plan from the detail information provided on how to start a barbing salon below.

How to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria

Below is a complete guide on how to start and run a successful barbing salon business in Nigeria.

1. Evaluating yourself

First of all, ask yourself – why do I want to start a barbing salon business?. This is very important and should be the first thing you do before starting anything. Being able to answer this question genuinely can help you draw a good barbing salon business plan.

Similarly, you can ask yourself more questions like:

  • Do I possess the skills of a barber; if not, how long will it take me to learn barbing?
  • Am I an expert barber?
  • Am I passionate about barbing?
  • How much does it cost to set up a barbershop?
  • How much fund can I spend to make sure the business doesn’t fail?

2. Get a good location

Getting a good location for your business is very important. A good location can make you earn on a monthly basis, the minimum of ₦500,000 provided you are willing to work.

What is a good location?

For a location to be considered good you must observe the following factors:

  • It is highly populated
  • Fewer Competitors
  • Good price per haircut
  • Its proximity to a good road network thereby making it visible to passersby.

3. Find out how much does it cost to set up a barbershop in that location

The cost to set up your barbing saloon business depends on the location you have in mind and how big you want to start.

Establishing your barbing saloon business in some cities in Nigeria could cost you as much as ₦2,000,000. But, you can establish it for even less in some cities.

So the cost of establishing this business depends on the city you want it situated in and how large you want the business to be.

For instance, a salon that can only accommodate one barber will cost you less. While a salon that can accommodate 4 or more barbers will cost you more.

Furthermore, the number, quality, and size of gadgets and barbing salon appliances and tools also contribute a lot to the overall cost required to set up the business. Similarly, the services you provide, the number of employees you have on your payroll will also add to the cost.

So you will have to take inventory of the price of the barbing salon tools, gadgets and appliances in the environment you want to establish the business. This will enable you to know if you are spending more or less on the business and how to plan ahead.

4. Market research

It is very important to start analyzing your potential rivals in the business after finding a location you want to use. This will help you in raising your standards to attract potential customers once you start the business.

5. Make the business Legal

Ensure you get all of the legal aspects out of the way. This will help you avoid any form of embarrassment from government, union officials or any other individuals from suing you for one reason or the other.

6. Rent and furnish your shop

After getting a good location and you have done your market research, it is expected of you to secure the location and furnish it.

Well furnished salon attracts customers. Therefore, if you want the business to boom immediately after establishing the business, then you must ensure it is well furnished with standard barbing salon equipment.

All you need to do to furnish your barbershop is to make sure you buy all the barbing salon equipment I listed earlier as customers do not like to patronize salons without standard barbing salon equipment.

7 Give your barbing salon business a brand name

Creating a name for your business is a way of branding. This is very important because it makes a memorable impression on your customers and it is a way of distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

Therefore the name must be interesting, intriguing and easy to remember by your customers. Through that, some of your clients can easily describe your barber shop to others.

8. Barbing salon shop designs

A barbing salon shop with good pictures and interior design has a way of attracting customers. Therefore ensure you employ the service of an interior designer to design your barbershop with beautiful modern barbing salon pictures. However, if you can set it up yourself you can go ahead with the designs.

9. Employ quality barbers

Having done evaluation earlier you should know if you possess the skills to run the salon or you just want to employ barbers that will give you daily returns.

Employing quality barbers is very good for your business as this will not only make customers come back but also attracts more customers.

10. Advertise your business

You should make awareness of your new business to people in the area. All you have to do is advertise the business through the following means:

  • Banners & Posters
  • Fliers
  • Business cards
  • One-on-one conversations.

Although, creating awareness is not limited to just these options. However, this is a good way to promote your salon business.

Therefore ensure the design on the banner and fliers clearly shows your barbing salon shop pictures.

11. Impress your customers

If you want to succeed in your business then it is very important to make a good early impression by giving customers the best haircut possible each time they visit your barbershop. This will make them always want to come back.

Similarly, when people visit your shop, give them the best treatment possible like being friendly and polite to them. This will make your salon business a huge success.

I have given you information on how to run a lucrative barber shop. I hope to hear your success story soon.

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    • I can't tell you precisely because I don't stay in abule egba, as a result, I don't know the price of renting a shop there. Also, the success of your business is dependent on the standard you put in place when opening the business; this will help you stand-out among your competitors. Therefore, how much you will spend is dependent on the price of shop rent in abule egba and the standard you feel can make your barbing salon stand-out among competitors.

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