The most wicked tribe in Nigeria

The Most Wicked Tribe In Nigeria: All You Need To Know

Nigeria is riddled with so many bedevil making people in Nigeria, as well as foreigners, view certain tribes as the most wicked tribe in Nigeria. This hatred trend has been ongoing and it has eaten deep into the political and social fabric of the nation.

As a result of some cultures and traditions or some characters exhibited by people of such tribes, they are labeled as the most dangerous or wicked tribe in Nigeria.

Tracing the journey back to when Nigeria was under the pre-colonial rule, tribes fought one another using both diabolic and deceitful means. This made them have a sort of hatred and distrust among themselves.

Folklores were passed from one generation to another by ancestors. And this instigated disintegration among tribes in Nigeria which led to several wars in the country and these wars are still ongoing.

Although, some parts in Nigeria can be tagged as a “no go area” because of certain risk levels towards foreigners and citizens. However, It is most likely due to natural disasters and man-made factors such as insurgency and terrorism.

Tribe certain Nigerians believe to be wicked/dangerous

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In this section, we will delve into some tribes considered to be the most wicked tribe in Nigeria. Our deduction will be based on people’s opinions. I will however give you an orientation on why you shouldn’t believe people’s opinions because there will definitely be some good people in every tribe.

1. The Hausa/Fulani Tribe

These are two different tribes that are oftentimes lumped together as one tribe. This is probably because they both live a nomadic lifestyle and are mostly herdsmen.

They are located in the Northern region of Nigeria but they move from place to place looking for grazing land for their herds. Also, their dominant religion is Islam

There is always news on media platforms such as blogs or Tv stations of the incessant killings of Nigerians, destruction of farmlands and displacement of people by the Fulani’s. This has made the Fulani’s to be labeled “the most wicked tribe in Nigeria”.

However, it will shock you to know that just a few out of the majority are the miscreants rubbishing the name of this ethnic group. My personal interactions with them proved to me that they are a peace-loving and hospitable ethnic group.

Similarly, the Hausas are believed to be as evil as their Fulani counterparts. They are known by several Nigerians as being violent and aggressive.

Dating back to the 1996 anti-Igbo pogrom where the Hausa’s caused the death of several Igbo people and other people of Southern Nigerian origin living in the Northern part of Nigeria.

This event gave birth to the infamous Biafran war that also claimed the lives of many Nigerians.

The crimes committed by some Fulani herdsmen and Hausa’s in the past is always recollected; this has instilled hatred in the mind of Nigerians. Several tribes in Nigeria sees them as the most dangerous/wicked tribe in Nigeria.

However, being aggressive or violent has nothing to do with one’s tribe. It could be as a result of the environment or parental upbringing.

Any tribe is capable of showing a dark side therefore the prejudice against the Fulani/Hausa tribe as being a violent tribe should be set aside.

2. Igbo Tribe

Several Nigerians hate the Igbos for the IPOB Movement they keep pushing for; through their leader Nnamdi Kanu. This IPOB movement once led to the massacre and displacement of millions of Igbos from their homes during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war.

The Igbo’s are deemed to be among the richest tribe in Nigeria as a result of their business acumen and passion for making money.

People believe they can do anything because of their passion for money. Therefore they are viewed as one of the most wicked tribes in Nigeria.

You might be wondering how? Well, It is believed that their love for money is a motivation for them to engage in various criminal activities worldwide which has also caused a dent to the reputation and image of the country.

The names of people released by Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, and other countries reporting frauds and drug smuggling cases, the majority of them are from the Igbo tribe. But, irrespective of what you hear Internet fraud is practiced by other tribes.

Be it cybercrime or other criminal activities, they are found among other tribes. Therefore pointing fingers to the Igbo tribe is pure injustice.

Pay attention>>

3. Yoruba Tribe

The Yoruba’s are mostly located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. They are seen as the most educated, influential and connected tribe in Nigeria. However, that does not stop them from being tagged as one of the wicked tribes in Nigeria.

The Yoruba’s are known for the practice of jungle justice that is, taking justice into their hands by persecuting alleged offenders on the spot.

People also believe that cultism, kidnapping, corrupt politicians, use of human parts for rituals, involvement in drug trafficking, etc. Is dominant with this tribe.

However, the aforementioned crimes can be committed by another tribe and not necessarily Yoruba people. Nobody is born with such behavior but because of associations with people that influence them negatively, they tend to go the wrong way.

4. Ijaw Tribe

The Ijaws are a collection of people that are indigenous to the Niger Delta in Nigeria. Dating as far back to 500BC, they are the first to find settlement in the lower Niger and Niger Delta.

With a population of over fourteen million, they are unarguably the most populous tribe inhabiting the Niger Delta region and arguably the fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria.

However, they are seen as one of the most wicked tribes in Nigeria because of the high rate of militancy and kidnapping. This has caused a deep-rooted fear in the hearts of people and has made their place a terror to foreigners and locals alike.

Although late President Umar Musa Yar’adua offered amnesty to the region, and this has seriously reduced the crime rate. However, people are still skeptical about their safety in that region and see the Ijah tribe as a wicked tribe.

This general classification shouldn’t be the case since only a tiny fraction of the Ijaw population are militants.

5. Esan Tribe

The Esan people are an ethnic group found in Edo state. It is believed that these people are mostly witches and cultists. They are seen as very wicked and are always at war with one another using diabolic means to cause the downfall of each other.

It is also believed that an outsider marrying an Esan lady is likely signing his own death with his eyes wide open.

This is so perturbing as it serves as a stigma to Esan ladies looking for potential suitors like me 😉😃.

No mother will allow his son to get married to an Esan lady after hearing such things about them. So stop spreading bad rumors about the Esan tribes.

Besides as a Christian, I can be in a relationship with an Esan lady that will lead to marriage; As long as she is a child of God and nothing will happen to me.

Authors pick:

6. Ebira Tribe

The Ebira people are an ethnolinguistic group found in Kogi, Kwara, Nassarawa, and Edo state.

Ebira people are viewed as one of the most dangerous and wicked tribes in Nigeria. They are known for being violent, aggressive, and loud and people think they prefer to use their fist instead of their mouth.

It is believed that an Ebira person can kill over an issue that doesn’t hold water. It is also believed that wherever there is a fight two to three Ebiras are there.

They are also believed to be very rude, betrayers and untrustworthy. Because of this, people do not build strong connections with them so that they won’t be betrayed or killed.

These are traits that can be found in any individual, therefore, the Ebira people should not be viewed as a wicked tribe.

My conclusion on the most wicked tribe in Nigeria

Everyone has the tendency of showing attributes of wickedness irrespective of the tribe, religion or ethnic group.

It is baffling that despite the level of literacy in Nigeria, people still view some tribes as wicked. In the development of the human mind, two factors play a major role which is nature and nurture.

The Bible says “train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows up he won’t depart from it”. Every one of us behaves in ways we are brought up.

Similarly, the company we keep and the religious leaders that mentors us, play a role in how we treat people.

Attributing miscreant behaviors to one’s tribe is big injustice. What we need is a united nation for the peace and growth of the nation.

You need to have a change of orientation and mindset as this will help us build a united Nigeria.

Tagging a tribe “the most wicked tribe” poisons your mind against them and can result in more tribal wars.

Therefore let us embrace the uniqueness of each tribe and stop finding faults in one another.

If you have any opinion, contribution or question, you can drop them in the comment section.

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  1. I swear to God the owner of this blog doesn't know the ebiras very well
    The Ebiras hate cheating and we do fought for our rights and am sure that does not make the ebiras wicked
    You are just posting false attributes about the EBIRAS

    • I guess you don't know the owner of this blog is an Ebira. I have nothing against the Ebiras; I was just trying to tell you the mindset of people. I also said that it is wrong to judge an entire tribe just because of some bad persons among them. In the post, I said, "These are traits that can be found in any individual, therefore, the Ebira people should not be viewed as a wicked tribe." What is it you don't understand about this point?

  2. The part where you say Ebira people are believed to be violent, aggressive and loud is just too ridiculous
    First and foremost Ebira people aren't considered so not because they are but because they don't like being cheated or looked down on…..
    An Ebira man stands for his rights even if he's the only one doing so in a million…. That's why people say we are aggressive because we don't bow our head to unfavorable principles
    An average Ebira person Is not loud, the majority of the population go into farming and once you're farming you don't expect someone to hear you when cultivating a big farmland without shouting! So they get use to it and then their children exhibit the same trait
    Most of the Christian's are usually having problem with hearing due to intense clapping in churches and they don't hear easily until you say it louder
    I just wanna change your mind set about Ebira people because we're undoubtedly very very nice set of people and from the name
    'Ebira' it means good character
    So don't be swindled by the actions of few of us and be consious that the larger population are nice

    • Hello Usman Bashiru, I have nothing against the Ebiras because I am an ebira by tribe. I want you to really read my blog post and get what I am trying to portray to the general public i:e Nigerians.

    • You feel it doesn't make sense maybe because your tribe was mentioned. I didn't insult any tribe I was just passing a message to Nigerians never to judge an entire tribe no matter the traits common in that tribe.

  3. This is a hate speech, what research have you conduct to have make you come to the resolution that Ebira people or tribe is the most wicked people or tribe in Nigeria???

    • If this was really a hate speech I will be hating myself also because I'm an Ebira. Please I want you to re-read this post with a clear mind and not just make comment because you think I am hating on your tribe.

  4. Only a bastard will describe his kinsmen as rude, betrayers, untrustworthy, murderers etc. This is definitely your own opinion, which you're trying hard to pin on others. The worst is that the great majority of Nigerians people come across believe otherwise.
    Better go enquire about your true roots, and retrace your steps!!!

    • I could easily delete your comment but I will not instead I will upload it for the world to see. You are the type that gives the Ebira tribe a bad reputation. In the post, I used the phrase "They are also believed to be very rude" what you said just proved it.

  5. @Anthony Stephen.. the initial statement which classifies the Ebira people as the wicked is most ridiculous and maligning. It is sad that people can still stereotype a whole nation of people in this technological age.

    Ebira people are forthright, intelligent, industrious, accommodating, caring and friendly. We abhor and vehemently fight against injustice and unfair treatment. Our word is our bond so we hate backstabbers. God bless Ebira people

  6. U see Ebira ppl are said to be loud? Fews tribes were mentioned too and have not seen them arguing, commenting or trying to justify anything but only Ebira so far in d comment session. Pls even in our trying to Comment let's portray good image. The writer wrote based on research yet still trying change d General negative perception of many ppl towrds dos tribes.. It's well ooo Ebira blood too dey hot, haba! Easy ooo

    • Thanks, Nana Worship for addressing my kingsmen they took things personally, but fail to see the general message for all Nigerians. I love your positive comment; this really gladdens my heart. I wish I know you in person so that I can buy you a drink. Thanks again!!

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