How to start a healthy relationship

Best Tips on How To Start And Sustain Your Relationship

In this writeup, you will get the best tips on how to start and sustain your relationship.

Being in a new relationship can be intoxicating and very exciting. You always want to see and be with each other. You get butterflies taking flight in your belle at the thought of them.

Having the best dating tips for a new relationship will help in strengthening the bond with your spouse.

It is easy to start and mess up a new relationship. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to know the steps to take to protect your new relationship.

According to Andrea Syrtrash, a dating and relationship expert, as well as the author of “He’s Just Not Your Type(And That’s A Good Thing) says ” A new relationship is full of potential, possibilities, and discoveries- not only for our partners but for ourselves, our needs, wants, and desire.

Another relationship expert Carmelia Ray, a celebrity matchmaker, online dating expert, and chief dating advisor of WooYouApp, agrees that this honeymoon stage is an important period in your life. She says “it’s a special time to create unforgettable memories together and a time where many couples feel as if they are falling in love”.

How to start a relationship

A lot of adjustment has to be made from both sides to accommodate each other. If you are serious about the person you are with and you want to keep your journey as a couple worthwhile, especially as a new couple, there are some things to keep in mind.

Here are some dating tips to start a new relationship. This will help new couples like you have an enjoyable and memorable relationship and it will also sustain it.

1. Set expectations

As individuals, we all know what we want from a partner. We have our do’s and don’ts.

Your partner may not know what they are. Therefore, it is important you enlightened them on it. Tell yourselves what you expect from the relationship and what you expect from your partner your needs, likes, dislikes, etc.

When you both communicate your expectations to each other. Then it is easier to adjust and compromise so as to accommodate each other in the relationship.

2. Don’t be in haste to be intimate

This is a new relationship and I am sure you wouldn’t want it to end before it started. A lot of people especially the youth don’t know how to take things slow.

There should be no rush in taking the relationship to the next level. There are a lot of things you are yet to discover about each other. Why not take the time to get to know more about your partner?.

It is difficult to keep calm and control your emotions when you are with someone you are attracted to. But it is important to take things slow. Don’t be in a haste to have sex.

Being sexually active is good but having premarital sex has its own big responsibility. Both of you should be ready to face whatever be the consequences of your action. Cherish yourselves and keep calm. There is time for everything.

3. Let your past go and don’t compare

This is a new relationship with a new partner. Someone with a different background, temperament, upbringing. in fact everything different from your ex.

Keep your thoughts and conversation focused on the person you’re currently dating and get to know them for themselves.

Do not compare him or her with your former partner. Let the past remain in the past. This is one of the most important dating tips for a new relationship you should put in mind.

If you compare your past relationship with the current one, you might experience a torrid relationship with your partner. Your partner is your now so live in the present and don’t compare them with an ex-lover.

Don’t keep looking for traces of your ex-partner in your new one.

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4. Communicate and listen to each other

How to start a relationship

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In every relationship, be it new or old, communication is always the most effective key in building it to become strong and healthy.

Communication is opening up to one another. Let your partner know when he or she is doing something you don’t like. Let them know your bottom line.

Don’t clamp up and just ignore everything. It will fester to hatred and then your new relationship will crumple leading to its untimely death.

Being open and staying open to one another will not only fix problems right away but will also address any potential problems in the future.

This will help build the trust level between you two. Carmelia Ray says “listening is a skill and a communication tool most people don’t do very well”. Learn to listen to your partner’s complaints and adjust.

Give each other your undivided attention. This will make your partner feel heard and appreciated. Showing interest in your partner’s life and what they are up to will make them feel special and unique.

5. Be patient

You are still getting to know and adjust to each other. Learn to be more patient when you are seeing things that you don’t like about your partner.

This is also one important dating tips for a new relationship. You don’t know about their experience in their previous relationship.

They might have put in a lot of effort to try and love again. Therefore, understand where he or she is coming from and be a support to them.

Remember, you both have different experiences growing up; so be patient and accommodate each other.

6. Be yourself

The only way you can make him or her sincerely fall for you is to be yourself.

Don’t project someone you are not just so you can impress him or her. Be proud of who and what you are. Don’t be scared of him or her losing interest in you.

That is who you are! so love yourself and let them love you for being you. Continue with what you enjoy doing (as long as it’s not destructive or selfish).

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to become someone else.

7. Be less possessive

Being possessive is good but being overly possessive is hazardous. Restricting your partner, always making demands, stopping them from doing things and meeting people they knew before they started dating you is a big NO.

You can be clingy, jealous and even say things in a suggestive way but when its too much your partner will feel stifled and stressed out emotionally in the relationship.

Don’t constantly text, call or make demands for their time. You don’t own your partner. He or she has a life outside the relationship with you. Don’t make them regret their decision to be with you.

8. Acknowledge and accept each other

Acknowledge means to recognize a particular quality, character or uniqueness about something or someone. Simply put, it means to give recognition.

Your partner will definitely have some values different from yours. Always take the time to hear his or her thoughts.

Respect his or her principles in life and learn from each other. A relationship is a ‘give and take’ between you two.

Always recognize each other’s contribution to the growth of your relationship. You must have seen something in him or her that’s why you became part of each other.

They might not be the definition of perfect to you, but accept each other’s flaws and shortcomings will help sustain the relationship. Give each other advice and talk about what you think is best for each other.

But don’t try to change him or her. Your partner has his/her individuality and should be allowed to retain it regardless of whether they are with you now.

9. Value and don’t give up on each other

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Your relationship may start well full sunshine, bubbles and even rosy. But there will come a time when it will diminish.

You will have fights and misunderstandings. You will even make each other cry. Notwithstanding, these things are necessary for your relationship to set up.

This is when you reminisce on your “honeymoon phase” and value the times you spent with each other.

Don’t give up on the relationship because of that. These fights no matter how small they are, will actually strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

Don’t threaten to break up with tour partner because of that. Get to resolve your fights and refrain from doing things that will get your partner mad.

10. Spice up your relationship

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At the start of every new relationship, things can be rosy but there will be a time when you feel everything is just routine. Try out new things to spice up your relationship.

Play together, visit places together, cook together, etc. Just do things that are fun and both of you enjoy doing.

Relationships in itself require a lot of hard work from both partners. You might have been long-time friends before becoming a couple. You still need to know some dating tips on how to start a new relationship.

Love yourselves wholeheartedly and be open to one another. Relationships that are intimate tends to lead to marriage.

Focus on your partner’s needs and try to know the little things about each other. Trust your partner because without trust relationships never end well.

Many people have been waiting and wanting to meet that one person in their life. Now that you have found yours, cherish and treasure that person. And take care of your relationship.

I hope this was helpful if it was you can drop your comment in the section below.

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