Signs someone is in Love With You

10 Signs Someone is Sincerely in Love With You

It is not really easy to tell if someone is sincerely in love with you especially if you have fallen head over heels for them, nevertheless, we will be discussing signs that will make you know if someone is sincerely in love with you.

When you truly, deeply and sincerely love someone, you will want to know if the feeling is also reciprocated.

Sincerity is of paramount importance for a lasting relationship. It is one of the keys to building a lasting, trustworthy and healthy relationship.

When you know your feelings, devotion, and sincerity is being reciprocated, it makes you feel assured and confident in the relationship.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if someone you are dating is sincerely in love with you, however, through this writeup, you will know the signs that show your partner is truly sincere with you. Similarly, you will also know if you are in a healthy relationship with them.

10 Signs someone is sincerely in love with you

The way the person you are dating behave and interact with you, are signs that indicate how they feel for you. Therefore, you can easily tell if someone is sincerely in love with you, with these 10 signs below.

1. They Are Always There For You

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Don’t overlook the things your partner does for you. No matter how little it is. Just know it’s their way of showing how much you mean to them. They will always offer their support without you asking for it.

They will go out of their way just to please you and make you happy. They will go the extra mile to help you with something when you are in need.

They are always looking out for your comfort and want to always put a smile on your face. The good and bad times, they show their empathy.

Do not overlook someone who always wants to assist you. This just goes to show how much they value you and the relationship. If someone is always there for you when you need them it is a sign they are sincerely in love with you. Similarly, this also proves that you can have a healthy relationship with them.

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2. They Pay Attention To You

If someone is sincerely in love with you when you are down or in a bad mood, they are aware without you having to say anything. Ladies if you have someone in your life that does this for you these are signs he loves you so much.

When you change your hairdo, they notice. They notice the clothes you are putting on and anything about you. That’s because you are always in their thought and on their mind. Their focus will be on you. They notice the slightest change about you.

3. They want the best for you

A truly sincere partner/spouse will always want the best for you. They won’t pull you down or be envious of your achievement. They will assist you in growing and becoming the best of who you can be.

If your partner always makes offhanded comments about your achievement and has a sour or long face when you have a breakthrough, then these are signs that you are not in a healthy relationship.

A sincere partner will recognize your unique gift and abilities. Similarly, they are a source of support and inspiration for you to achieve greatness. They always encourage you with their words and motivate you to do better.

4. They are honest with you

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Honesty is one of the signs someone is sincerely in love with you. A sincere partner will place a high value on honesty. They are always open and truthful with you.

They don’t tell you one thing and mean another thing. They don’t always cancel appointments or dates with you using one excuse or the other.

Somethings are difficult to say but a sincere spouse will tell you those hard truths gently even if it might hurt you.

That’s what being honest entails. They trust that you will prefer to hear the truth from them than a white lie.

White lies are hindrances to a healthy relationship, therefore, one of the signs someone is sincerely in love with you is that they will open up to you.

5. They will always communicate with you

Loving someone means wanting to hear from them always, to know how they are doing and to keep in touch.

If there could be one cardinal rule for a relationship, always make sure you communicate. In a sincere relationship, your partner will always communicate with you.

Communicating is not just saying “hello” or “hi” to each other but also getting to know each other likes and dislikes. To keep a healthy relationship, you must always express your thoughts to one another.

Quoting Dostoyevsky who said, “Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid”.

If a person is being sincere with you, they don’t just conclude base on assumptions. They want to know the innermost workings of your mind and how you feel about certain things.

6. They forgive

Forgiveness is a very important factor in keeping your relationship healthy. Sincere couples forgive each other wrong. They put themselves in each other’s shoes and try to reason from each other’s perspective to lead to a better understanding of the situation.

They don’t hold a crude or a sin over each other’s head. This will serve as a destitute in the relationship making it become stagnant and in the long run gradually die. Forgiveness makes for a healthy relationship and it is a sign someone sincerely loves you.

7. They make you their priority

A partner that sincerely loves you understands that fulfilling commitments and making you their priority is a major determining factor to a lasting and healthy relationship.

If they make plans with you and don’t stand you up, then it is a sign they are sincerely in love with you. Similarly, if they can easily create a time for you from their busy schedules it is also a sign you are sincerely loved.

8. They don’t always blame you

When a man/woman is sincere with you, they don’t find faults or always blame you for things you have no control over.

They always have a healthy discussion with you about the things they feel is not right instead of always losing their temper and blaming you.

When they feel you have done something wrong or you both had a misunderstanding, they won’t fault you for it always.

They will firstly calm themselves down, refrain from being judgemental and endeavor to find a solution to whatever might be the issue.

Being in a relationship where you are always being blamed for happenings is not healthy for you both emotionally and psychologically. This is a sign of an unhealthy relationship

9. They put the relationship first

If someone is sincerely in love with you they will realize that there will come a time when they have to choose between you and some aspect of their life.

It means often time in life, they would have to compromise on their selfish or personal needs to allow the relationship you both share remain congenial and operative.

10. They introduce you to people that matter’s to them

I saved this for the last! if your partner does not want to be seen with you or avoids introducing you to those that matter’s/important to them, it could be a sign that they are not being sincere with you.

In fact, if they truly love you they will want you to meet their family and friends and won’t feel embarrassed holding hands with you on the street.


To know if a partner is being sincere with you or if you are in a healthy relationship, notice how they behave around you.

Do they have the tendency of flaring up over little things?. Do they always talk about the future with you?. Do they put you first?.

Don’t overlook these things because you feel they don’t matter. In fact, these are signs that show your partner sincerely loves you or not.

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