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Nigeria Driver’s License: Complete Guide on How To Apply

As a Nigerian who has an interest in driving, you need to be a licensed driver by the FRSC of Nigeria and here is a complete guide on how to apply for your Nigeria Driver’s License.

Perhaps you have been asking questions like – what are the Nigeria driver’s license requirements – how much is a driver’s license?. If that is the case with you, then you will get detailed information on how much is a driver’s license in Nigeria and also know all the requirements to successfully apply for your license.

Driver’s license in Nigeria complete guide for beginners

Here are basically everything you need to know before visiting the driver’s license office.

Driver’s license requirements

Nigeria driver's license

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Ideally, when you visit any driver’s licensing office you will see the following requirements. Without this, you cannot apply for a license.

Similarly knowing what is required will save you time as you will go to the licensing office prepared.

Having said that here are the requirements:

  • Driving school certificate
  • Learner’s permit
  • VIO permits
  • Birth certificate/age declaration from a court
  • Eye test certificate from an FRSC approved clinic
  • Evidence of driver’s license payment.

How much is drivers license in Nigeria

If you are wondering how much does it cost to get your Nigeria driver’s license, here is a list of how much money you need to pay in order to acquire the license and certificates.

  • Certificate of driving school – ₦8000
  • VIO test certificate – ₦1000
  • Certificate of eye test from FRSC approved clinic – ₦500
  • Driver’s license payment: ₦6,350 for 3 years or ₦10,450 for 5 years.

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How to apply for driving license in Nigeria

To apply for your Nigeria driver’s license here are the basic steps you should follow.

Step 1. Attend an FRSC of Nigeria accredited driving school to get a training course.

Step 2. Take the driving test supervised by VIO (vehicle inspection officers).

Step 3. Obtain a driving proficiency certificate which will cost you ₦1000

Step 4. Complete the application form and make payment; you can pay for 3 years or 5 years depending on your choice.

Basically there are two methods you can use for processing step 4 and they are:

Method 1: Online

1. Visit the official driving license website

Nigeria Driver's License: Complete Guide on How To Apply
Driver’s license Application

2. Select DL Application, and on the drop-down list click New Driver’s License

Nigeria Driver's License: Complete Guide on How To Apply

3. Type your driving test certificate number into the box where you see Test certificate number and click on Validate

Nigeria Driver's License: Complete Guide on How To Apply

Make payment for the application fees online and print out your acknowledgment slip which will be submitted at the driver’s license office.

Method 2: Offline

  • Visit any DL (Driver’s Licence) center near you and present all the driver’s license require mention earlier. You will be given a driver’s licence application form to fill.
  • Then make payment of the licence application fee at the DL accepted banks. Ensure you take a copy of the driver’s licence form where you have your driver’s license application ID.

Step 5. Submit all kinds of forms to the BIR (Board of Internal Revenue) and VIO at the DLC for your driver’s license endorsement

Step 6. Get biometric data captured by presenting to the FRSC officer at the DLC

Step 7. A temporary license will be issued to you this will be valid for 2 months and your driver’s license will be processed within this period.

Nigeria drivers license renewal

Note that irrespective of if you are doing your Nigeria driver’s license renewal or apply for the first time, the Nigeria driver’s license price of ₦6,350 for 3 years or ₦10,450 for 5 years is the same. You can learn how to do your renewal by clicking this link

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