How to romance a man with words

Romantic Words To Tell a Man and Win His Affection

Romantic gestures or words are very essential if you want to sustain your relationship with the man you love and here are romantic words to tell a man and make him feel special and loved.

Most ladies like most men are not good with romantic words.

Even if you are in a relationship with a lady or man of your dream learning how to use romantic words can help your relationship a lot.

Therefore, in this post I will give you relationship tips on how to use romantic words on your man.

In this article are well written romantic words to tell a man you are in love with and I believe these words have prowess over any man and can help you win his affection always and keep your relationship healthy.

You don’t have to look sexier to win a guy’s affection for life. What you should really do is learn how to compliment your guy.

You can either make your guy feel special with text messages if you are the shy type or you can tell him sweet romantic words to his face if you are bold. By doing so, you will easily win a guy’s heart over and make him yours.

What is Romance?

Romance is the chemistry you feel inside of you that connects you to a person. This connection is so strong you want to express them through gestures, both big and small.

These feelings make you feel especially wooed and cherished when your partner does the same.

Rachel Hauck a novelist says “Romance is not about the sexual encounters but about awakening the heart”

The subtlest of acts can be romantic, like glancing at someone you love from across the room or moving your hand through your hair; as a lady.

Furthermore, romance can spark emotional feelings; like the butterfly feeling in your stomach when you see or you are around the one you love. Romance in a relationship can keep things fresh and exciting and your heart will always race for the other when they are not around.

Is Romance Important in a Relationship?

Romance in a relationship is very important. It is a powerful force that makes you feel connected to someone in a deeper way. When there are no connection relationship breaks.

There is no relationship that is stable if the romance is not there. So, you need to make your spouse feel loved by expressing through gesture your love for them and make them feel appreciated.

Romantic words to tell a man

1. I didn’t know what true love was until our path crossed

You might have been in a relationship or had a crush on people and you thought it was love. But, if it’s true love this time trust me you will feel it deep inside. Telling your man you have finally found what you were looking for is very romantic and passionate, and this strengthens bonds in a relationship

2. I love you

Because of the simplicity of this word several couples often ignore it. Most ladies wouldn’t even bother telling their man how much they love him. But, telling your man sincerely you love him is a good way to be romantic with your man. These three words hold so much meaning and power behind them and they are very important in a relationship. You can always use them with passion like whisper them into his ears or write them on a note inside his wallet. Doing this is the simplest way to ignite love and romance in your relationship.

How to Romance a Man With Words
Love and Romance

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3. My heart longs for yours always

This is a yearning desire for the one you love and confessing openly to the man you love that you have a yearning desire for him, can help you keep the romance in the relationship alive.

4. You are the best man I ever had

This phrase can make him feel loved and adored. Saying this word with sincerity is a way to put a smile on his face and make your relationship very romantic.

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5. You are my life best story

What can be more romantic than knowing you are the best thing that ever happened to someone. Although this phrase looks casual, however, its romantic prowess on a man cannot be ignored.

6. Let’s grow old together

Using this line for your man will make him know you are not into flings with him. Hence, make him more connected to you. A man will want to connect with a woman he can trust. So, letting him know he can trust you is a good way to romance your man with words.

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7. I always think about you

What can be so romantic than knowing that someone out there is always thinking about you? He will definitely love to know he is always on your mind even when you both are not together.

8. My love for you is priceless

These are soothing words for any man. It’s a way of telling him you are not superficial. Also, this lets him know you aren’t using him for money, jewelry or any other materialistic thing.

9. I can’t get enough of you

How to Romance a Man With Words

If he makes you feel like you can’t get enough of him and make you crave for more. Then it will be wise you tell him how badly he has got you captivated by his love.

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10. I always feel safe and protected beside you

How to Romance a Man With Words

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Several men have an ego and sometimes feels like a king. Also, they like to be the hero in a lady’s life.

They would love to be the alpha male that can protect you from anything. By telling him how safe and protected you feel around him will boost his ego. Hence, stir up the romance between you two.


Love is sweet especially if the feelings are natural and are expressed. Also as fuel is to fire; so are romantic words to a relationship. Therefore, if you constantly practice the relationship tips contained in “romantic words you can tell a man and win his affection”, I believe you will have a wonderful relationship with the man you are dating.

I feel special each time my lady express her feelings to me and tell me how much I mean to her.

I believe most guys respond to love and if you can make them confide in you with these romantic words, you will definitely have his affection for life.

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