How to make your marriage work

How To Make Your Marriage Work

Are you in a marriage crisis or you are at the verge of divorce and you are wondering how you can make your marriage work? If so, you will get the best advise on what to do.

Ideally marriage is a thing of joy and should be enjoyed rather than endured! but a lot of marriages that started well may suffer endless crisis or marriage divorce if the couple don’t know what makes it work.

You can learn how to make your marriage work when you are not in love. The secrets on How to make your marriage last forever and connect again with the man or woman you once loved are contained in this writeup.

There are many ways to make your marriage work out. We suggest these 6 strategies to help solve your marriage relationship problems

How to make your marriage work

Here are 6 things you should definitely start doing in your marriage

1. Choose to love your spouse no matter what

How to make your marriage work
Loving your spouse is a choice

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Sometimes I hear people ask “how to make a marriage work when your are not in love”? or “I don’t love my husband anymore what should i do?”. well there is a saying “Love is as much a choice as it is an emotion” So, as couple even if you don’t feel the emotion you once felt when you first met you spouse that led to marriage, loving your spouse is still a choice you can make for your marriage to work out.

The lack of Love in a marriage relationship kills it fast and these are the signs you truly love your spouse: you are not rude towards your spouse, you are not selfish, you don’t keep record when your spouse wrongs you and you always trusts your spouse: doing the opposite are signs of no love in marriage.

2. Communication in marriage

How to make your marriage work
communication breaks barriers

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Positive Communication is vital for the health of your marriage such as (physical affection, listening, validating the other person, using soft words, expressing appreciation, affirmation and compliments). likewise negative communication such as: nagging, raising one’s voice, stating a complaint, or expressing one’s anger is unhealthy for a relationship. Positive communication with your spouse at all time is the secret for making your marriage last.

3. Make your marriage your top Priority

How to make your marriage work
Make your marriage your top priority

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Many couple value their children, friends or career more than their spouse. If you are fond of doing this, you are risking losing your spouse because your spouse may think you are taking them for granted and begin to show resentment. Spend more time with your spouse and If you are the busy type squeeze out time and go out on a date with your spouse.

4. Don’t make decision alone

Take decisions together as couple

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Many men in my hometown are fond of doing things outside the knowledge of their spouse, they say things such as “the man is the head….” Yes you are right if you say this, because it’s in the Bible. But don’t be the dominant husband who makes all decisions and later inform the wife on what he has done, who does not tolerate questions from his wife or his children, and who believes that it is his responsibility to make all the decisions regarding family life while the wife and children just follows.

If you really love your spouse and value your marriage you will never take decision alone. “Two good head are better than one” seek your spouse consent before making decision. Making decision with your spouses makes them feel you respect their opinion and gives them the feeling you both belong together.

5. Openness is a must in a marriage

Openness in marriage is vital

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If you want your marriage to work out you must not be secretive. Openness helps build compatibility in marriage. When you and your spouse openly reveal the facts about your past, present activities, and your future plans, through that you can make clever decisions that take each other’s feelings into account and this will help your union with you spouse last long. Also, if you want to learn how to make a marriage last forever then learn to be open. The foundation for a lasting marriage is built on openness.

6. Practice forgiveness

Fighting is not how to make your marriage work
No to Fighting. Yes to Forgiveness!

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Forgiveness is not condoning hurtful behaviors from your spouse; but forgiving will allow you to move on. Know that to err is human and that you are on the same team with your spouse. Also, accept that your spouse will only do the best they can. So, it is better to be more understanding with them.

You might feel hurt, resentful or frustrated any time you have a disagreement with him or her; instead of showing your spouse attitudes or becoming critical you should work on ways you can fix your relationship and get back together.

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