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Types of marriage common in Nigeria

Marriage is a thing most people look forward to in the past and even now still look forward to, and it is a union between a man and a woman.

The marriage choice you make has a way of dictating you right as a spouse in case of any issues such as divorce and death. Therefore, in this article, I will be talking about the types of marriage common in Nigeria.

What is marriage

Marriage (matrimony, wedlock) is a union between a man and a woman that establishes right and obligation between them and any resulting biological or adopted children.

Marriage is principally an institution where interpersonal relation usually sexual activities are acknowledged and permitted.

Types of marriage in Nigeria

There are four types of marriage common in Nigeria and are namely:

  • Civil marriage
  • Customary marriage
  • Traditional marriage and
  • Religious marriage

Civil marriage

Wedding union is officiated by government officials in a civil marriage. Therefore, civil marriage takes place without any religious affiliation and must meet the legal requirement of the state or the location of the wedding. Civil marriage provides protection for the spouses in case of death or divorce where issues regarding property may arise.

A Civic Wedding and a Marriage Certificate
A Civic Wedding and a Marriage Certificate

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Customary marriage

Unlike the civil wedding, this legal wedding union conforms with the religion, customs, and traditions of a community.

Also in a customary marriage also legalizes marriage according to the religious belief of the parties involved. For example, if the religion of the couple permits polygamy, then the marriage will be in accordance with the religious beliefs.

It is equally important to know that if gender inequality is practiced in a certain area. Then, a customary marriage type gives the husband certain rights such as:

  • the wife can not acquire or own property.
  • the husband has the absolute ownership of household property and personal property (including earnings) of their wives
  • lastly, the husband has right over the children that proceed from the marriage in-case of a divorce.

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Traditional marriage

A Traditional Wedding
A Traditional Wedding

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Wedding rituals are performed in accordance with the customs or traditions of the bride’s community.

Therefore, the following conditions must be met before a traditional marriage can take place: introduction, family requirement, engagement date and bride price payment.

  • Introduction: the family of the future groom together with the groom, meets the family of the future bride to propose marriage.
  • family requirement: bride’s family accepts the marriage proposal and gives the groom a list of items to buy for the before the engagement.
  • fixing a date for engagement: once the future groom provides the items requested by the bride’s parents then the bride’s family will fix an engagement date.
  • bride price payment and handing over of the bride: Lastly the future groom pays the bride rites to the bride’s family and he is giving his bride.

Religious marriage

A Religious Wedding
A Christian Wedding

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Religious marriages are wedding union between a couple and the marriage rituals are in accordance with the religious beliefs of the couple intending to marry.

There are basically two types of religious wedding in Nigeria and they are:

  • Christian wedding
  • Islamic wedding

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