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Marriage Certificate: How To Register a Marriage in Nigeria

Because of many uncertainties surrounding marriage, several people in Nigeria are now making their marriage legal by obtaining a marriage certificate.

Although Nigerians are free to choose any form of marriage; such as traditional, religious, civil or customary marriage. However, for a wedding to be legal and certified, couples must go through state officials who are in charge of registering marriages and register their marriage.

Marriage certificated registration and cost

First of all, you and your spouse agree within yourselves on marriage; you then go to the court and make your intention known. It is expected that you and your spouse come to the court with two colored passports each.
The registrar will ask both of you to fill a form known as the notice form (Form A). The form is then posted on the registry notice board for 21 days.

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Note that you and your spouse will pay a certain fee to the registry. This varies from one local area to the other. However, the fee is not more than ₦2000

Provided the above criteria are met, Form C is issued by the registrar again to you and your spouse:

  • that none of the parties intending to marry is married by customary law to any other person.
  • that there is not any impediment of kindred or affinity or any other lawful hindrance to the marriage.
  • that one of the couples resides in the district where the marriage will take place.

Taking oath

This involves taking an oath before the registrar or a recognized clergy. During the sworn affidavit, the registrar would reiterate the Prohibitive decrees and also explain the penalties involved

Fixing of the wedding date and issuance of a certificate

The couples choose a suitable wedding date; the wedding date must fall within three months after the registry paste the marriage notice. The couple and the officiating minister and two witnesses will then sign the marriage certificate and the Registrar then proceed to register the marriage in the marriage register book.

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