How to make a man respect you

Signs That Will Make You Know if a Man Respects You

Respect is very important in any relationship and it ought to be mutual; Therefore, in this article, I will be talking about signs that will make you know a man truly respects you.

You can’t have a healthy relationship with a man that does not regard your feelings, wishes, or rights.

Several people don’t really know what respect means in a relationship; So through this writeup, you will be able to know if the man you are dating respects you or not.

In case you are deeply in love or you are married, you don’t have to give up on your man or your marriage, check my article on how to make a man respect you.

Never turn a blindside to negative attitudes from the man you love as this can make the relationship go through hard times or even eventual breakup.

How to know if a Man Respects you

Here are 5 signs that will make you know if a man you are dating truly respects you or not.

  • He gives you his full attention
  • He does not dictate for you
  • He is interested in your opinions
  • He will trust you
  • He Will Encourages You to Succeed

1. He Gives You His Full Attention

Signs a man respects you
The caring Boyfriend

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This is one of the things every lady should check out in the life of the man they are dating. If he respects you he will give you his full attention.

One of the common issues several women do have in a relationship is feeling a lack of attention from a guy they are dating. Be careful to separate neediness from the right to feel wanted; But if you feel neglected always and anytime you ask him all he can come up with is “I was very busy”; then it’s a sign your man doesn’t respect you.

When a man respects you; he is eager to see you, he is always looking forward to talking to you, answer your calls right away when you call him, fully engages in a conversation when you’re together and always create time to be with you even from his busy schedules.

If he is fond of canceling plans, doesn’t respond back to your text messages, doesn’t initiate romantic dinners; respect for you isn’t really his priority. Every lady deserves the attention they give in a relationship. So, if he’s not there for you physically, emotionally or mentally; then it’s a sign your man doesn’t respect you and Investing your precious time in dating him can be a costly mistake.

2. He Doesn’t Dictate For You

Signs a man respects you
Possessive Partner

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Several men try to dictate the life of their spouse or girlfriend as a result of fear, insecurity or feelings of unworthiness.

A man may not necessarily give you a white flag for everything you want to do, but he tells you what he thinks is better to do like suggestions and he is not possessive and neither does he manipulate you.

If a man respects you, he will respect your decision making, he will respect your will, and he will trust that you know how to run your own life. But, if your man violates everything I said above; then, these are signs your man doesn’t respect you.

If you turn a blind eye to this, he may become very possessive and manipulate your life; and this can even lead to violence.

3. He is Interested in Your Opinions

Signs a man respects you

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If he shuts you down when you voice an opinion during a conversation he doesn’t respect you. Whether he agrees with you or not, if he respects you he will be interested in what you have to say and debate on your opinion. In fact, he will always ask for your opinion.

Most men want the company of someone who can offer advice and perceptions for what they want to do.

So, if he doesn’t see you as someone he can count on, he doesn’t respect you. Also, if your man either laughs when you offer a point of view or dismiss it. He lacks respect and you shouldn’t waste your time dating him.

4. He Will Trust You

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Several men get jealous when they see another guy hit on their girlfriend. This is not necessarily bad, because if another man hits on you and he feels a bit jealous, it shows he is reminded of your value and how lucky he is to have you in his life.

But, if he is the type that constantly checks your messages, always wanting to know where you went and is always making a scene when someone hit on you by fighting. He doesn’t respect you and you should call the relationship a quit.

5. He Will Encourages You to Succeed

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If he truly respects you, he will do anything to help you succeed. He will believe your success is his.

He will also feel proud of you and will want to encourage you for further success. This should even be evident at the beginning of a relationship.

But if your guy is fond of throwing cold water on your enthusiasm, isn’t interested in encouraging or discussing your goals or, worse, not supportive, and hinders your efforts to improve yourself, he is disrespectful.

He probably is the jealous one and will try to keep you from spreading your wings, so you can fit into his own plans. These are red signs a man doesn’t respect you.


Signs that will make you know if a man respects you

Note that respect is earned although you can demand respect; if you feel you have done what is needed as a lady and your man doesn’t respect you.

Respect goes a long way in a relationship; it can help sustain it. That is why communication is very important in a relationship.

Through communication, you can discuss your wishes, values, and rights with your man. This can make him start respecting you; if he did it unintentionally because he didn’t know your wishes and values as a lady.

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