How to Check 9Mobile Phone Number

How To Check 9Mobile Phone Number

Do you want to know the code for checking 9mobile phone number? Then in this article, I will show you several ways you can use to check your 9mobile phone number.

9mobile which was previously Etisalat has millions of customers in Nigeria who use the 9mobile lines for one reason or the other.

Just like many other networks in Nigeria this network provides 11 digit numbers to their customers.

Although it is easy to memorize 11 digit number. However, if you own multiple lines, you may find it difficult to memorize all your numbers.

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Ways to check 9mobile phone number

There are several ways to check your 9mobile phone number and they are listed below.

1. Using USSD code

  1. Just Dial *284# on the 9mobile SIM card you want to check its phone number.
  2. the network will then send you a notification containing your phone number.

Note: that using code for checking 9mobile phone number as explained above is completely free of charge.

2. Sending “call me” SMS

This is also another way to check for your 9mobile phone number. All you have to do is send “call me” SMS to a friend or family member who is close by; who also uses the 9mobile network.

Here is how to send the “call me” SMS

  1. Just Dial *266*1*your friend’s or family number#
  2. Afterward, you check your friend’s or family phone to see the message that was sent to them.

Note: this is also free just like the first method.

3. Call 9mobile customer care

This is another way to know your 9mobile phone number in-case you don’t feel like using the first two-step or if you forget the first two steps.

  • On your 9mobile line just dial 200.
  • Select the option that allows you to speak to a customer care representative afterward.
  • If the call connects i.e. if the online representative picks your call; inform the customer care representative that you wish to know your 9mobile phone number.

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