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How To Check Your Airtel Number Easily and Fast

If you own an Airtel number and for one reason or the other you have forgotten your 11-digits number here is a guide on how to check your airtel number.

All mobile networks in Nigeria provide their customers with 11-digit mobile numbers. Although it is easy to memorize an 11-digit number. Notwithstanding, if you own multiple sim cards like me, you might find it difficult to remember some especially if you no longer have your sim pack.

Let delve deep into this post to see the methods you can use to easily know your Airtel number.

How to check airtel number on a phone

There are basically three methods you can use to check your Airtel number if you have forgotten it. These methods are:

  • Dialing USSD code on your phone.
  • Sending a call me SMS.
  • Calling Airtel customer care representative.

Method 1. How to check airtel number with USSD code

You can use USSD code to know your own Airtel number all you have to do is:

  • Dial *121# using the Airtel SIM card you want to know the 11-digit number.
  • Type 3 to select “account info”
  • Type 4 to select “check my phone number”.

Alternatively, to cut this long process short you can simply dial *121*9# or *282# on your mobile phone.

After completing the steps above, a message will be sent to you with your Airtel mobile phone number.

This method is absolutely free. In other words, there is no hidden charge, therefore, nothing will be deducted from your Airtel account for using this service.

Method 2. Sending a call me SMS

Sending call me SMS is another method you can use to know your own Airtel number. However, you can only use this method if you have someone around you who also uses the Airtel network and he/she knows their own Airtel number.

To Know your own Airtel number using this method follow the steps below.

  • On your Airtel line Dial *140*your friend’s Number#.
  • Check your friend’s phone to see the message that he/she receives.

You will see your Airtel number displayed along with the “Please call me back” message your friend receives.

This method is also free of charge.

Method 3. Calling Airtel customer care representative

If at all you are not comfortable with the two methods above, another way to know your airtel number is by calling Airtel customer care representative. To do that follow the steps below.

  • On your Airtel line Dial 111 or 121.
  • Press the option that says “Speak to a customer care representative”
  • If the call connects tell the customer care representative attending to you that you forgot your phone number.

Ensure you get a writing material to write down the phone number as the customer care representative calls it out.

If you like you can also request that the customer care representative send you an SMS containing your Airtel number. If you make this request as soon as you drop the call, you will receive a message containing your 11-digit Airtel phone number.

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