The Fastest internet network in Nigeria

The Fastest Internet Network Providers in Nigeria (2020)

This article is the list of the top 5 fastest internet network providers in Nigeria. These internet service providers can be trusted especially if you stay in the urban area of the country. Nigeria has the highest number of internet users in Africa and ranks 20th in the world as a result of this WiFi […]

How to transfer airtime on airtel

Learn How To Transfer Airtime on Airtel Line

Do you want to learn how to transfer airtime on Airtel network? if yes, this post will show you all the steps on how to share airtime on Airtel with a family/friend. Airtel airtime transfer which is also called Me2u is a service that let you easily share your airtime with your family and friend […]

How to transfer airtime on airtel

Learn How To Check Airtel Airtime Balance And Bonus Balance

If you want to learn how to check Airtel airtime balance or credit main balance. Then you should delve deep into this post as this post covers it all. Likewise, you can also learn how to check airtime bonus balance on your Airtel sim card. Airtel is a very popular mobile network service provider in Nigeria. It has […]

How to transfer airtime on airtel

How To Check Your Airtel Number Easily and Fast

If you own an Airtel number and for one reason or the other you have forgotten your 11-digits number here is a guide on how to check your airtel number. All mobile networks in Nigeria provide their customers with 11-digit mobile numbers. Although it is easy to memorize an 11-digit number. Notwithstanding, if you own […]