The Fastest internet network in Nigeria

The Fastest Internet Network Providers in Nigeria (2020)

This article is the list of the top 5 fastest internet network providers in Nigeria. These internet service providers can be trusted especially if you stay in the urban area of the country.

Nigeria has the highest number of internet users in Africa and ranks 20th in the world as a result of this WiFi service providers are on top of their game, ensuring that their subscribers enjoy fast internet connectivity when browsing with their network.

The fastest internet network provider in Nigeria
internet service provider

The best internet network provider

These network providers know fully well that the internet serves as a medium to check the latest information online. Several improvements were made by these service providers to boost the speed of their customer internet connectivity with the introduction of 4G LTE broadband services for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Below is the list of the best internet network provider in Nigeria.

1. Globacom Nigeria

GLO stands out as the best internet service provider in the country since 2017. Coupled with its affordable data plans which can be used on virtually all kinds of mobile phones.

Glo first started with 2G network and later introduced ‘3.75G’ which increased the speed of internet connectivity for its subscribers. Presently they have the 4G LTE service which is super fast for internet browsing.

GLO 4G LTE broadband service stands out from the rest because of the download speed. Thich means it is super fast for chatting on social networks, playing online games, and streaming a live video.

As a game lover, movie lover, or social media chat lover, I would advise that you consider GLO internet service because their browsing speed is second to none. And also they said they are the “grandmaster of data“.

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2. Airtel NG

Airtel Ng is another reliable network provider in Nigeria. It boasts a fast connection to the Internet on relatively cheap data plans for its subscribers across Nigeria.

Airtel Nigeria first started from the 2G network and has upgraded to ‘3.75G’ and 4G LTE respectively. This means Airtel customers enjoy an increase in the speed of internet connectivity when they browse therefore it is unarguably the second fastest internet network provider in Nigeria.

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Although MTN Nigeria is the oldest service provider in the country and has all it takes to render the fastest network in the country but it seems to be outrun by other networks. Therefore it comes third in the list of the fastest internet network provider in Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria also has the 4G LTE but is mostly functional in big cities of the country. Unlike GLO Nigeria whereby you can even see 4G LTE installation in not too develop areas of the country this is not the case with MTN Nigeria; so speed in internet browsing is guaranteed in the big cities of the country.

Lastly, MTN offers unlimited WiFi plans and cheap data plans on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. However, a lot is still yet to be done concerning their browsing speed especially in small cities of the country

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4. 9mobile

9mobile formally known as Etisalat is the latest mobile internet network provider in the country.

Although 9mobile boasts a speedy connection to the Internet, however, it’s not as fast as the aforementioned internet network service providers.

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This is not to discourage you from using any of the mentioned internet service provider but just a tip on which network you can count on when you are looking for the best in internet browsing connectivity. Having said all this I believe most Nigeria will still see all the internet service providers listed here as reliable when browsing is concerned.

Information giving here is base on observation and experience from using all the mobile network internet service. Feel free to ask questions or drop your comment in the comment sections. Thanks.

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