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MTN Call Barring Code: How To Activate/Deactivate Call Barring On MTN

It’s easy to block annoying numbers from calling your MTN line with the MTN call barring code.

Basically, MTN call barring service helps customers block all (or some) incoming/outgoing calls on their MTN lines and this can be done with code.

If for one reason or the other you don’t feel like receiving or making calls with your MTN line or you want to bar numbers from calling you, Mtn call barring helps you in achieving that.

This guide is aimed at showing you how to activate or deactivate call barring on your MTN line.

To activate and deactivate call barring on your line, you can simply visit the MTN SIM toolkit. Alternatively, you can dial the correct call barring code on your MTN line and I will be showing you how to do that.

How to change the call barring password

The default call barring password for Mtn is 0000. It can be changed to a preferred one.

To change from the default MTN call barring password (PIN) to a preferred one, simply dial *03*330*Old PIN*New PIN*Repeat New PIN#. For example, if you want to change from 0000 to 0101, dial *03*330*0000*0101*0101#.

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How to activate and deactivate Mtn call barring with code

For whatever reasons you have for wanting to block a number from calling you, below is the procedure on how to bar incoming calls, outgoing calls, and international calls with Mtn barring code and also the code to use to cancel all call barring on Mtn.

Incoming calls:

  • To block all incoming calls, dial *35*PIN#
  • While to cancel call barring on Mtn simply dial #35*PIN#
  • To check incoming call barring status, dial *#35#.

For outgoing calls:

  • To activate barring for all outgoing calls simply dial *33*PIN#
  • If you want to deactivate barring for all outgoing calls, dial #33*PIN#
  • To check the call barring status for outgoing calls simply dial *#33#

For incoming calls when outside the country

  • To bar incoming calls when you’re outside Nigeria, dial *351*PIN#.
  • Also deactivating call barring for incoming calls when outside Nigeria, dial #351*PIN#
  • To check your incoming call barring status on MTN when you’re outside the country, dial *#351#

For outgoing international calls

  • To bar all outgoing international calls, dial *331*PIN#
  • To cancel call barring for all outgoing international calls, dial #331*PIN#
  • If you want to check the call barring status for outgoing international calls, dial *#331#

For outgoing international calls except for home country

  • To activate call barring simply dial *332*PIN#
  • To cancel, dial #332*PIN#
  • If you want to check call barring status dial *#332#.

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