Glo call barring

Glo Call Barring: How To Activate & Deactivate Call Barring Using Codes

Do you want to know how to activate and deactivate Glo call barring using codes? or you are one of those asking – how do you stop a number from calling you?. If so in this post, I will show you how to bar a number from calling you and also deactivate in case you change your mind.

In this write-up, I will show you how to block incoming or outgoing calls of people you don’t want to call your Glo line.

What is call barring

Call Barring is a process where you bar certain types of calls from being made from your android phone or any other type of phone similarly it also lets you bar incoming calls on your phone.

Glo call barring is a service that enables Glo line users, block incoming or outgoing calls of people they don’t want to call their line.

The call barring service can be activated or deactivated by using the Glo toolkit. On the other hand, you can also activate and deactivate this call barring service by dialing some codes on your mobile device. Which is what I will be detailing on in this write-up.

To activate this service, you need to change from the default barring code, which is set at 0000. Every Glo line is by default set on 0000.

To perform this task on your mobile device, dial **03*330*old barring code*new barring code*new barring code#.

For example, **03*330*0000*1234*1234*.

Note that: “1234” is my preferred new barring code.

To perform this task, dial the above code with your Glo line on your mobile device.

Glo call barring
Call barring

How to activate or deactivate Glo call barring on your android phone

Below is a simple step you can use to bar any number from calling your Glo line in your android phone using USSD codes.

  • To bar all incoming national calls, dial *35*barring code#; while, to deactivate, dial #35*barring code#.
  • To bar outgoing calls to national numbers (in Nigeria), dial *33*barring code#; and to deactivate, dial #33*barring code#.
  • To bar incoming calls when roaming, dial *351*barring code#; and to cancel, dial #351*barring code#.
  • To bar outgoing calls for international numbers, dial *331*barring code#; and to cancel, dial #331*barring code#

Note: To cancel all Glo barring services you’ve activated on your line, dial #330*barring code#.

If you plan to make use of the Glo call barring service you should take note of the following things:

  • Activating any of the codes above will affect voice calls on your line and it will also affect SMS, fax and data on your mobile device.
  • You cannot effectively use the codes above if call forwarding / diverts has already been enabled on your Glo line.

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