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How To Check Glo Phone Number Easily and Fast

In this guide, you can learn easy ways to check your Glo phone number if you’ve forgotten it.

If for one reason or the other you have forgotten your number, you can learn from this guide how to check the 11-digits number assigned to your Glo line using these simple methods you will be shown here.

How to check Glo phone number

Basically, there are three methods you can use to know your Glo number. You can either use the USSD code, Glo website or making a simple phone call to know your number. All of these methods are very convenient, easy and fast, regardless of the one you want to use. However, making a simple call is quite fast than the rest.

how to check glo number

How to use any of the methods to know your Glo number

Method 1. Using USSD code

To know your phone using USSD code, simply dial *135*8#. You will receive a USSD notification containing your 11-digit mobile number assigned to you and a message will also be sent to your inbox for you to confirm the USSD notification.

Method 2. Making a simple phone call

This method involves you simply dialing 1244 on your mobile phone. However, you need to pay attention and write it down because all you will hear is a robotic voice calling the numbers for you.

Therefore if you must use this method, ensure you have your writing materials or another mobile phone you can quickly dial the number on.

Method 3. Checking your Glo phone number online

Lastly, another way to check for your Glo number is by visiting

If you are using a phone once the site has finish loading scroll down and you will see your Glo phone number displayed in this format “Welcome, 080*******”. That is if your Glo number is 08123456789 you will see “Welcome 08123456789”.

If you’re browsing from a computer, just look to the right-hand side of your screen. You will see your number displayed just the way you see it in the image below.

Even without a data subscription, you can still check for your number online because the Glo self-care portal can be accessed even if you don’t have data.

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