Lovecoin Airdrop: How to get Free Lovecoin

Lovecointoken is one of the decentralized crypto which is built on the Tron Blockchain and in this post I will be sharing with you how to get lovecoin airdrop.

Cryptocurrency is the new order of money, as their value continues to rise daily as people trade it daily. Several people are now aware of this gem called crypto and are now venturing into it.

Bitcoin was the first crypto create and after it several altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Ripples have follow suit. However none compare to Bitcoin as it has the larges market than the rest of this crypto.

Having said this let’s take a look at lovecointoken and ways you can benefit from it even without investing.

What is Lovecoin?

Lovecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on Bitcoin and Tron Blockchain which has a community of miners in several parts of the world.

The aim for creating the lovecoin is to raise the usage of cryptocurrency by airdropping “Lovetokens”, raising awareness about important causes around the world as well as getting donations to support these causes.

Lovecoin dedicates 40% of their total supply to support the sign up bonus received by new referred users. As the coin increases in value, the sign up bonus is set to reduce to a minimum. So, now is a good time to claim your coin.

How to get started with Lovecoin airdrop

  1. The first step to take is to choose a wallet application compatible with Lovecoin, if you don’t have one already. This compatible wallet are Tronlink Pro and Klever App. You can get it on PlayStore.
  2. Visit the Lovecoin site and click “freecoin” and put your details in the form given.
  3. Click submit and immediately receive 50,000 Lovecoin sign up bonus.
  4. Get rewarded for everyone you invite to sign up, as they receive their 50,000 free Lovecoin token, you also receive 50,000 more Lovecoin. The more people refer, the more Lovecointoken you earn.
  5. You can then withdraw this Lovetoken to your wallet from the Site.

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How to withdraw Lovecoin airdrop

Before you can withdraw lovecoin token you have to first of all search for this token in your wallet.

Open any of the supported app and type love coin in the search button. Once the token appears switch on Lovetoken TRC-10; this is the correct love token.

To withdraw your lovecoin all you have to do is copy the lovecoin receiver address from your Klever app or Tronlink pro. Then, login to the official website of lovecoin; paste it and click withdraw.

Investing in Lovecoin airdrop

Although claiming your 50,000 Lovecoin and referring people is a good step in supporting the coin; by creating a stronger chain. However, It is advisable to purchase now that it’s still inexpensive if you’re considering a long term investment.

Currently you can purchase up to 5 million Lovecoins with just $50, however this exchange rate is bound to change as the coin increases in value. So, to buy Lovecoins, simply visit here


Currently Lovecoin isn’t rated highly but with the increased trading and usage of digital currency, there’s a good chance that it would prove to be a good investment eventually.

Digital currency is gradually taking over and as a good investor, you might want to consider investing in this project. Lovecoin isn’t strong right now but stands a chance to increase in value.


Everything said here are not financial advise; they are just my opinion. As a crypto investor you are expected to do your own research. Infotips is not in any way affililated to Lovecoin token and we are not sponsored by lovecoin to write this article.

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