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Nigerian Youth Investment Fund: How To Verify Your Email

If you are one of the pre-qualified applicants of the Nigerian youth investment fund, I will be showing you things you can do to verify your email.

Several applicants of the Nigerian youth investment fund started receiving message on their mobile phone. This message was issued out to applicants to tell them they have been selected for the youth fund.

This selected applicants will see a link which they can use to complete their registration.

While this is suppose to be a thing of joy, however, several applicant didn’t get any message sent to their email.

After clicking the link in the message sent to you; provided your BVN and created a password and submitted. The site tells you your registration is successful and that you should check your email to verify your email. However, on checking many applicants didn’t get this message sent to their email.

It is true NYIF is real and not fake. But, with this occurrences people may be having their doubts.

I believe if you are reading this post it is because you have earlier applied for the youth investment fund and received a text on you your phone.

So let’s learn what you can do to receive the verification message on your email address. I will be sharing information on how I got the message on my email.

If you have not applied on the NYIF loan application portal before, you can click here to apply.

How I got My Nigerian Youth Investment Fund Verification Message

On the 11 Feb, 2021 I received a message from NMFB that I pre-qualified for NYIF youth fund.

I was surprised because, despite the fact I applied myself I never truly understood what It was. All I did was just applied because a friend sent me the link.

It was after the message from NMFB I did more research and knew what NYIF was all about.

Checking online, I also saw several complains from people that they didn’t receive any message on their email.

Knowing that without the message on my email I won’t be able to complete my registration, I decided to continue trying.

I kept clicking the link on my phone; the link from Nirsal Microfinance Bank. Only God knows how many times I clicked that link. I clicked the link multiple times.

Each time I click it, I will fill in my BVN and create a password and submit.

I kept doing this always; most especially at night hours because I felt during the night hours, the traffic won’t be congested.

That was how I got the message sent to my email for verification. With that, I completed my verification finished my registration for the youth Fund.

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How To get NYIF Verification Email.

If you’ve got the pre-qualification text on your phone, you still need to get the verification email to complete your application for the NYIF youth fund.

Here are things you need to do to get the message:

  • First and foremost you have to click the link in the text you got from NMFB on your mobile phone.
  • Fill the form on the NYIF loan application portal; provide your BVN and choose a strong password.
  • Do it multiple times if you don’t get the message on your email. Especially night hours or early hours of the day.

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Some people may say ‘But I have done this before and didn’t get it.’ It doesn’t matter, as long as you didn’t get the variation message on your email, you have to keep trying it. This is because without verifying your email you can’t continue with your NYIF registration.

That is all about how to get verification email sent to you.

Notwithstanding, know that this method doesn’t indicate or guarantee you will get the verification email sent to you.

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