How to become a yahoo boy

Learn How To Make Money As a Yahoo Boy In Nigeria

In this post, you will learn how to make money as a yahoo boy and also learn all the yahoo boy format in Nigeria.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria coupled with the hardship of living in Nigeria as a result of inflation will definitely you want to learn how to become a yahoo boy.

In fact, if you have tasted hardship in Nigeria you will want to have large funds at your disposal. So that poverty go die as Olamida Bado sang in one of his sung “Poverty die die die poverty die”.

Yahoo boys live a luxurious lifestyle like big-spending; buying the cars of their dream and living a comfortable life. I am sure this is your dream also.

The world is full of abundance there are several people savings huge money in their bank account and you would wonder – why will someone have this much when I am broke?.

Definitely nobody in his right mind wants to be broke.

It is also more difficult to be broke in a world where – money is needed to live a luxurious lifestyle.

If you want to buy a fancy car, buy or rent a luxurious house, visit the most expensive clubs, visit a five-star hotel, in fact, do anything that makes life enjoyable, then yahoo boy business might just be a way out for you.

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Can you become successful as a yahoo boy?

As a matter of fact, it’s not that hard to make money as a yahoo boy. But, ask yourself how many yahoo boys in 1 million has a success story.

You can’t succeed as a yahoo boy if you don’t know the format that works like magic.

The ones that know the format are the ones with the success story and they are the ones that get to spend the money because they know the yahoo boy’s formats to use.

You need to invest as a yahoo boy these days if you really want to become successful and not get caught by the law enforcement agency.

For instance, the Nigerian Police Force can now easily apprehend yahoo boys by searching through their mobile phones without a warrant.

Similarly, American authorities have their attention on yahoo boys now more than ever as there are claims its citizens have lost over $1 billion to scammers over the past decade.

So the only way to become a successful yahoo boy is by learning how to make money and at the same time learn how to cover your tracks.

Learn how to become a Successful Yahoo boy

You can become a successful yahoo boy if you use the yahoo boys format. This will help you to cover your tracks and you won’t be apprehended by the law enforcement agency.

List of gadgets you need to buy to become a successful yahoo boy.

  • Personal laptop;
  • Get a good smartphone;
  • Download VPN;
  • Get Steady internet connection;
  • Learn good communication;
  • Get a foreign phone number.

1. Personal Laptop

Getting yourself a very good laptop is very important if you want to be successful as a yahoo boy. This will really help your yahoo boy career a lot. You can easily do a lot on a personal laptop so it is a must get for the intended yahoo business.

Many aspiring yahoo boys do not see the importance of buying a laptop because of Olamide’s popular slang of “yahoo boy no laptop”. Well, that is for Olamide; I don’t know how he successfully does that. If you really want to make money quick you should obtain a laptop.

I will suggest you go for laptops with good firmware like the Apple laptops. This is the best laptop to use for your yahoo boy career.

Mac is by far the most protected laptop you can use and other products of laptop do not compare to it.

Another benefit of buying a Mac Laptop (Apple Laptop) is that you won’t have issues with light which is a major challenge in the country (Nigeria). Once your laptop is fully charged you can get longer battery life; some even last longer than eight hours. The better the brand the longer the battery life.

2. Get a good Smartphone

A mobile phone is very important also. This will come very handing when you need to respond to chats you are having with the person you want to play a smart one on.

Getting a good smartphone will also give you easy access to the yahoo boys app as you can download the yahoo boy app from Playstore.

So irrespective of where you are the smartphone is always with you. Therefore you can even do your yahoo business anywhere you are

The best smartphone I will suggest you buy is iPhones and ipads. They are also products of Apple.

Apple smartphones also have strong firmware like Apple laptops. Therefore, you can easily cover your tracks so you don’t get caught.

Similarly, other yahoo boys will not be able to hack your account.

If you really want to succeed as a yahoo boy android phones should not be on the list of phones to buys. Some G-boys own 3 iPhone so if you can afford just one, then you are not far from becoming a successful yahoo boy.

3. Download VPN

You also need a virtual private network (VPN). This will help you encrypt your network, thereby increasing the security of the data you transmit over the net.

I know several of you have heard the word “hide IP”; That is what a VPN does. It actually hides your IP so that the people you are chatting with will not be able to trace your location.

There are several free VPN on Playstore and you can easily download them; however, the functionalities of the free cannot be compared with the premium package.

Therefore, to enjoy the full package it is advisable to buy the premium VPN.

4. Get Steady internet connection

This is very essential to your yahoo boy career. With a steady internet connection, you will always be online to respond to your clients.

With a good internet connection, you won’t experience broken conversation with a client. Therefore, you should look for areas with 3G if possible 4G enabled.

Ever wonder why several of the big boys stay in areas like Lagos and Abuja? That is because they want a good network.

You need to always respond to your target chats if you don’t want to piss them off. You cannot tell your client you are experiencing poor network that’s why you didn’t respond on time.

5.  Learn good Communication

You need to learn good communication as a yahoo boy. I believe since you can input how to be a yahoo boy in Nigeria into Google it shows you are learned.

Similarly, you also need to be able to write and communicate in good English which is a very essential requirement to become a very successful yahoo boy.

If you can’t construct a simple sentence you may end up becoming a local yahoo boy; making money from fellow Nigerians that don’t have money.

Just imagine when other G-boys are buying Benz (G-wagon), you are busy buying Toyota big for nothing.

I bet; you can’t win any client over if your English is poor. You may be able to win a Nigerian over with poor English but not a white man so learn how to construct good grammar.

Foreign countries like Russia, the USA, UK, France Spain, etc. is where the money is so learning how to communicate in good English will give you the confidence to target clients from there.

So if you don’t want the white lady or white guy to get turned off with your poor chats, it is better you learn how to construct simple English.

6. Get a foreign phone number

Most g-boy usually tell their clients they are from the USA and the UK. These are English speaking country so it is easy to understand why because we speak English too in Nigeria.

If for instance as a yahoo boy you claim to come from the USA your area code should be inline with USA area code.

But if the client sees +234 it becomes obvious to him/her that this is a Nigerian man or boy pretending to be Mat Chuck Norris. Which means you just screwed up and need to try your luck elsewhere.

So you need to check for means of obtaining a foreign number online. With that, you can easily claim any country you like.

But if you have the guts to tell your client you are from Nigeria, then you don’t need a foreign number; some g-boys do that.

What do Next?

For you to have read this post up till this moment is a sign you are really serious about this g-boy thing.

Earlier I listed what you needed to buy to be a successful g-boy so if you didn’t quit reading this post it is obvious you have the money to buy iPhone or Ipad and own a MacBook.

Do you know how much a MacBook cost and the price of ipads and iPhones?. So you have the money to afford these gargets and you want to be a g-boy?

Let me be sincere with you now; all you have been reading since is pure sarcasm! I can’t really teach you what I don’t do because I don’t have experience in g-boy stuff.

If it is hardships and the high rate of unemployment in the country that is making you envy g-boys; that is not enough reason to involve yourself in cybercrime.

If any good will come out of Nigeria it will come from the leaders of tomorrow. But imagine the future leaders are all cybercriminal what hope is there for the country.

And if your reason for visiting my site is to become a yahoo boy. I am sorry to disappoint you.

Word of advice for aspiring g-boys

If you are a youth then it is not too late to start creating the dream life you envisage.

The internet you are using wrongly searching for how to become a yahoo boy is the same internet I am using to learn how to become a good blogger.

There are several opportunities on the internet. You can easily learn a skill on YouTube; like developing an app.

Similarly at Infotips, you can get several resourceful articles on businesses you can start such as:

I know things are hard in the country. Notwithstanding, the same energy you are investing in search engine – searching for “learn how to become a yahoo boy” you can invest it in building a career for yourself.

For instance, you could build a career on blogging, freelancing, Take online jobs, or create a work from home business like affiliate marketing or become a YouTuber.

For example, Mark Angel comedy, Exploit Comedy, Broda Shagi, etc. they all make money as a YouTuber. You can do the same also.

Seriously speaking if you choose to become a Yahoo boy before you make $1 online another person using the legit means would have made hundreds of dollars online.

You also get peace of mind and not run away from SAR, Police and several other law enforcement agents.

In Conclusion

Becoming a criminal won’t make you any better than the politicians whose bad governance has crippled this nation.

Nigeria has a bad reputation already when internet fraud is mentioned. Be a good citizen and say no to cybercrime.

There are several online jobs that we would have benefited from in Nigeria if PayPal didn’t ban our country. But the fraudulent acts of Nigerians on Paypal led to the ban.

Therefore, we can’t make money online from several good sites because of the method of payment (PayPal)from those sites is not supported in Nigeria.

Now there are many freelance sites that you can get freelance jobs from Like Fiverr Upwork, Toptal, 99 Design, and many more.

Just be willing to work and you can earn big time from these sites; instead of the ‘once in blue moon money’ from cybercrime.

Similarly, Payoneer is now the best alternative to PayPal in Nigeria. This company will pay you $25 for referring people to register on their platform.

Why not engage in this business instead of the scam business you have in your mind.

If you have any questions or comment you can drop them in the comment section.

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    and a lot of all this G boys are school drop out due to family background, many of this boys are poverty-stricken infact some of them doesn't have any option of what to do again for survival and they will not lose the opportunity that is available so all what they have to do is to join the internet fraud. Nigeria are not the first or second country that are fraudulent, so please all you that called yourself law enforcement agencies and so on let our youth be

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