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Keke Napep Business: How To Make ₦200,000 Monthly

The transportation business is a very lucrative business idea in Nigeria and operating a Keke Napep business is a smart way to make money in Nigeria these days.

The interesting thing about this business is that you don’t have to learn how to drive a keke napep to make money from this mode of street transportation in Nigeria.

You can easily inquire about the price of Keke napep in your location, purchase a brand new or fairly used tricycle and make money by employing a driver that will deliver money to you every day.

Factors that make the Tricycle business very Lucrative

  • There is an imposed ban on the use of Okada (business motorcycles) by state governments of several states, as a result, there is a high demand for moving passengers to and fro.
  • It is cheap compared with other modes of transportation, therefore, it is the most used mode of street transportation in the country presently.
  • The tricycle industry is supported by the Nigerian government who is making plans to boost the use of tricycle by introducing solar-powered Keke Napep with 2019 budget. Therefore we can say that the tricycle business is a feasible business idea to establish.

Several ways you can make money with your tricycle

Once you can afford a tricycle you don’t need to be on the wheel to make money.

With a good business plan, you can easily get a loan from a microfinance bank for your Keke napep business.

Here are several ways you can easily make money after purchasing your tricycle.

  1. You can purchase a Keke and get somebody to ride and remit cash to you on a daily basis.
  2. keke napep hire purchase: This involves buying a tricycle and giving it to a Keke rider or tricycle riders association and get an agreed fee remitted to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If you practice the Keke hire purchase after the contract is terminated the tricycle driver becomes the new owner. Therefore you need to enter a good agreement with the tricycle rider or tricycle riders association. With that, you will get back the money you invested in purchasing the Keke and make an additional profit.
  3. Opening a Tricycle Company: You can open a tricycle company where you will employ some workers to ride your tricycle. You can get daily returns through this method and pay your drivers by the end of the month.

How much is Keke Napep

Keke napep price in Nigeria is subjective to certain factors such as the brands, place of purchase, and currency exchange rates.

After the introduction of Keke napep in Nigeria, only a few popular tricycle brands have established their authorities in the Nigerian market and they are Suzuki, Daylong, Bajaj, Piaggio and TVS Keke napep brands.

Keke Napep price in Nigeria 2019

The prices provided here are for the three most popular brands of Keke Napep in Nigeria.

Similarly, you can buy a brand new or a fairly used tricycle depending on your financial abilities, therefore, price defers.

There is constant price inflation of goods in Nigeria and because of several other factors this price will always change.

Brand new price

  • Daylong Tricycle: ₦500, 000 – ₦600, 000
  • Bajaj Tricycle: ₦600, 000 – ₦850, 000
  • Piaggio Tricycle (Diesel engine): ₦550, 000 – ₦700, 000

Fairly used price

  • Daylong Tricycle: ₦180, 000 – ₦300, 000
  • Bajaj Tricycle: ₦200, 000 – ₦350, 000
  • Piaggio Tricycle (Diesel engine): ₦200, 000 – ₦350, 000

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Where to buy Keke napep in Lagos

If you reside in Lagos, there is an assembling centre or tricycle office at Shyllon street at Onipanu, Lagos. All you have to do is collect the office bank details, pay into their account and wait until your brand new tricycle gets assembled. However, you need to be cautious when carrying out any transactions to avoid any fraudulent issue.

How much does Keke napep deliver

You can earn an average of ₦8000 daily running one yourself. However, if because of prestige you don’t want to be on the wheel, you can employ someone to run it for you and get a daily return of ₦2500. Therefore, you will need like 3-4 tricycle to make ₦200,000 monthly.

Here is a little math on what I am saying.

Let’s assume you had to learn how to drive keke napep and run the business yourself. Even if you don’t work every single day of the month and was able to work for just 25 days you will still make ₦200,000.

Let’s calculate: ₦8,000 × 25 = ₦200,000

Monthly profit = ₦200,000

As you can see this is the price I promised you can make every month.

In summary, the tricycle business is a very lucrative business that does not need any customer or marketing strategy to run. All you need is your tricycle and the desire to earn a living by working yourself or employing someone.

I was in Nairaland forum one time where some group of users were talking about Keke business in Nigeria and I saw how much a guy says his uncle makes from giving out 5 tricycles every day to his Keke napep drivers and also doing Keke napep hire purchase.

How much do Keke drivers make in a day

Want to know how much do Keke drivers make in a day? You can watch the video below to learn how much a woman makes on a daily basis from driving a tricycle herself. This video will definitely give you an idea of what Keke drivers make daily.

Keke napep TVS

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