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If you are looking for a sincere and unbiased review on Chymall investment, then you are welcome to read this reviews on Chy mall Nigeria.

High yield investment program(HYIP) is common in several countries especially developing country like Nigeria.

While HYIP is a good way to get good returns on the capital you invested in a business, it is however risky. These can result to you loosing some or all of your funds.

Having said all this lets take a look at chymall investment and see if it is a legit in Nigeria or Ghana.

I will also be discussing all the frequently asked questions such as:

  • is chymall registered in nigeria?
  • is chymall a legit business/company?

What is Chymall?

Chy mall is an e-commerce shopping mall like the Amazon, eBay, Jumia, Aliexpress, Konga, etc. However the difference is that while other e-commerce store doesn’t enable you to earn, Chymall on the other side enables you to earn.

That’s you can make money from investing money into chy mall. This sounds really interesting and most people will really want to try a program that gives them earning from buying a product.

This company is originated from Malaysia, founded by Mr. Ben Chan. Chy Mall was launched in Nigeria on the 10th of August 2019, with their African head office located in Accra Ghana.

Also if you are wondering how old is chymall in Nigeria, CHY Mall has existed for about two years now and is very popular in Ghana, Cameroon and other countries including Nigeria where it has made many millionaires.

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Is Chymall Investment Register

There is a proof chymall is registered and issued a certificate of incorporation in Nigeria. However, I want you to know that even if a business is registered with CAC that shouldn’t make you just through your fund into it.

Continue reading to know why I said this.

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Chymall Investment Review

Giving you my review on what I have not I haven’t invested on will be bias and unrealistic. Notwithstanding, I will be sharing pictures of several complains about the program. With this, you will know it is not a investment you should venture into.

I know several person in my environment who are subscribers but are complaining now because of new policies.

Several complains online about this program is also not encouraging. Therefore, I will say it is highly not wise to invest a dime in chymall because, Investing in it put you in at the risk of loosing your hard earned funds.

Because of the recent change in Policy, many user of the system were shock because they didn’t expect that. They were automatically upgraded to a package they didn’t subscribe for.

Every investor, invest their money to make profit, if the profit is not guaranteed and you need to network(refer people) before you get your earnings then it is obvious it is a pyramid scheme.

According to O. A. Abiri, who is a Chymall investment subscriber, he labelled chymal a scam that robs Peter to pay Paul. That’s early investors are being paid through new investors.

Chymall scam review
Chymall Investment

In one of this complaints, O. A. Abiri said ‘What they gave you is being collected back from people you have introduced or will introduce. I wish I saw this reviews before joining CHYMALL I wouldn’t have joined. It’s is for others to learn now, if you join now you will bit your fingers. Interesting!

Also back in time precisely December 18, 2020 a subscriber of Chymall complained that members were being restricted from withdrawing their earnings.

Below is her complain; someone also supported her and called Chymall scam.

Chymall Investment


Some investment scheme just don’t leave to the hype as all they do is disappear into thing air after getting several investors funds.

Investing money into businesses is always a good idea provided you know the right company or business to invest with. But, over the years all we see in many developing country like Nigeria, is short-lived investment schemes.

Most of this hyip has a lifespan of 1 – 2 years, as a result, causing serious problem to new investors.

Wazobia investment, MMM investment, Pennywise investment and several other are no more today. This should teach us that except due diligence is taken, one can easily fall victim to this cheap and easy to regret investments.

Many people are defending chy mall because they have made money from it But, Chymall is currently facing a lot of crises.

If some of the subscribers are actually complaining then something is just not right with the program. Beside covid19 has had a major effect on well reputable company who went bankrupt.

Chy mall might also be suffering the same effect of covid19 as a result can’t pay several subscribers.

There is a trending video on Facebook also where a Nigerian celebrity popularly called Mr Ibu vouching for Chymall and advised several Nigerians to invest. But with all that’s going on with Chymall especially the automatic upgrade I will advised you to stay away from Chymall.

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  1. My name is obinna
    I subscribe for 50000, they automatically told me that the package is not available after i have made the payment that i have to upgrade to 100000 which I did, they requested another fee cot and cbn fee , so i declined, now my money is no where to be found,all he keep telling me is to pay the cbn fee so that they will credit me.please i want to know if this is real or scam so I will know what to do next

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