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Wazobia Cash: Read This Before Investing

If you have heard of Wazobia Cash Investment and wondering what it is all about, then in this post I will tell you the basic things you need to know about wazobia cash investment. This article includes how Wazobia cash works, how to register, and what to expect.

Every now and then, investment platforms like this come and go. Some last for months and later fail.

Some come with an enticing package that if not well analyzed will later backfire on all the subscribers. For example, MMM ripped many people of their investments.

With all this should one really consider investing in the wazobia cash investment platform? and what is the assurance I won’t lose all or some of my cash? Well, these are questions I am here to answer. I am sure there is no one that is not willing to invest to make money provided there is an assurance their money is safe.

Therefore with the in-depth information, you will find here you will soon realize that the wazobia team unlike MMM did a good job to make sure that this system doesn’t fail.

What is Wazobia Cash Investment?

Call it Ponzi scheme, network funding, or anything else you think it is, but, Wazobia cash Investment is a mutual funding platform with over 810,000 members as at the time of writing this post.

Official website of wazobia cash
Official website of wazobia cash

This platform is very young, as it has only been in existence since January 2020. Wazobiacash promises investors a 50% profit on their first investment within three days and subsequent investments will give you the same 50% profit in seven days.

Furthermore, the platform allows investors to withdraw both the invested amount and their profit at once. However, you can only withdraw your investment and interest when you invest a new sum that is not below your initial investment. This is called “wazobia recommitment policy” which is a system employed to make the system lasts.

Based on the above facts, if you invest the sum of N10,000, you’ll get N15,000 back in just three days. However, to withdraw that N15,000, you must recommit another N10,000 or more; it depends on you.

Meanwhile, the current minimum investment amount is N10,000 while the maximum amount is N1,000,000. This means your investment can be anything from N10,000 to N1,000,000 which is the minimum and maximum investment amount on wazobia cash.

wazobiacash minimum/maximum investment

So getting a 50% profit on your first investment and subsequent investment is possible if you keep recommitting.

Is Wazobia Cash Legit?

This is the question most of you reading this post will be interested in because no one in his right mind wants to deal with a company that is not legit. But I am sure my yes or no may not satisfy your question.

To satisfy your curiosity, I decided to come up with a detailed explanation on the benefit and loss of investing in the platform. Before then, let me give you an update about the system.

So far, the wazobia cash investment platform has been paying investors as there are several testimonies online from their investors.

Also, I have family members and friends who have been investing their funds on the platform for months already. So I can say it really pays investors 50% of their investment.

Payments come when they are due except for periods of upgrades as mentioned on their telegram platform.

Study the table below to see all I have been saying:


How to profit from the Wazobia Cash Investment

Several people think that by investing in the system and getting 50% interest, they have made a profit. But that is not true unless you make up to 3 – 5 investment on a particular amount. However, it’s advisable to not invest more than three rounds in a particular investment.

The platform allows you to make multiple investments as a result it won’t take you 5 weeks to gain from the platform. All you have to do is complete 5 investment rounds with your initial capital within 2 weeks.

Can Wazobia Investment Crash?

Several systems has failed and any system can fail so let’s face some facts here. The recent Lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic made many formidable organizations fail.

I saw an airpot that lay-off 4,700 member of its staff because of the lockdown. So a lot of fail-proof systems actually failed when people no longer partonize them.

The Wazobia system claims to provide a sturdy and steady system through the recommitments policy. So if everyone continues to re-invest before they can withdraw, then, I think re-investment will not stop. So this should be able to make the wazobia investment platform last longer.

This is just my detailed analysis of the wazobia.cash investment platform.

What You Need to Start Investing

If you have been following me I am sure you might be thinking let me give wazobia a try with my spare money. Below is a list of what you need to profit from wazobia platform.

  • Email address;
  • phone number;
  • Bank account number;
  • A one-time activation fee of N1,000.

I guess the N1,000 fee might be wazobia way of saying “this is for serious people, don’t come in if you are not serious.”

After registering an account at wazobia cash platform login and begin investing.

Referral Bonuses

Like many other investment platforms, wazobia also gives its subscribers a 10% commission for each referral first investment and subsequently gives 5% afterward. When you become a guider you will start receiving 10% again; you just need 10 downlines to become a guider at wazobiacash.

Therefore, you can profit through their referral bonus by inviting your family and friends to participate.

In summary

  • Register at wazobia.cash 
  • Pay a one-time activation fee of 1,000 naira
  • Make your pledges, wait to be merged and make payment
  • Click on withdraw to receive your money after your pledge is due for withdrawal
  • 10K Minimum payment In Naira
  • 1M Maximum payment in Naira
  • 0.004 Minimum payment In Bitcoin
  • 10% referral bonus for all payment of your downlines
  • Refer up to 10 active users and become a guider


Fifty percent profit in 3 days and 50% from subsequent investment in 7 days is crazy plus other benefits like the referral bonus. Also, the fact that people are truly getting it makes it irresistible. But I will advise you to tame your guts.

Don’t sell your belongings to participate. Also, remember that Ten Thousand Naira at hand is better than imaginary million dollars. So stay safe and invest wisely!!

So we encourage you to invest wisely or don’t invest at all, as you risk losing part of or all of your investment.

Feel free to ask questions or drop your comment in the comment section.


Infotips.com.ng is not affiliated to wazobiaway.cash, wazobiaweb.cash, wazobiaking.cash, wazobia.cash or its other variations. This is not a sponsored post therefore you are responsible for the decision you make if you choose to participate in wazobiacash platform.

With or without our post, wazobia.cash is already becoming a big platform because it boost over 1M subscribers. Therefore, I decided to offer insights on this highly important matter.

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  1. Wazobiacash is making ordinary Nigerians financially stable. I am happy I didn't doubt it when my neighbour introduced the platform to me. After participating I was able to pay my debt in 2wks.

  2. am an old user of wazobia cash my sky wallet is 345,000 i paid 1000 to transfer to the new server. so pls i want to know if i invest 10000 will i still reinvest another 10000 befor i withdraw?

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