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How To Divert Calls On MTN: How To Remove Call Divert

MTN call divert is a feature accessible to MTN subscribers; therefore, in this post I will be showing you how to divert calls on MTN.

I am certain that after you finish reading this guide you’ll be able to use MTN sms divert code to activate or deactivate divert feature on your MTN line.

Likewise by the end of this post you will also learn how to cancel divert calls on MTN if you no longer want it.

What is MTN call divert

The MTN call divert is a service that allows you to divert your incoming calls to another phone number. You can easily use the MTN call divert to send calls to your voicemail or another number when your number is not reachable or busy.

For instance, you can divert all incoming calls within Nigeria, however, know that you are not allowed to forward calls to international numbers. In other words, the destination phone number must be located within your home country.

having said this let’s see how you can set call divert when your line is busy, unreachable or if you choose not to answer.

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MTN call divert codes

It’s simple to divert calls on MTN line provided you know the codes to run the command.

Just as there are ussd code for activating call diverts, there are also codes on how to deactivate call forwarding on MTN line.

Below are the various code for any form of call diverts and this call forwarding codes be used when your line is busy, unreachable, or when you don’t pick.

How to Divert calls to another phone number for busy line

  • To activate, dial **67*destination mobile number*11#. For example, **67*2348012345678*11#.
  • To deactivate, dial ##67#
  • To check your status for the above option, dial *#67#

Codes to Divert calls to another phone number when line is unreachable:

  • To activate, dial **62*destination phone number*11#.
  • For deactivation, dial ##62#
  • To check your SIM status for this option, dial *#62#

Divert calls to another number when you don’t answer:

  • Dial **61*destination phone number*11# to activate.
  • Dial ##61# to deactivate this service.
  • To check your divert status for this option, dial *#61#

Divert all calls to another phone number:

  • Dial **21*destination phone number*11# to activate
  • To cancel, dial ##21#
  • To check your status for the above option dial *#21#

Call divert charges

Setting up call divert on your line is absolutely free, but, there are charges you may incur from using this service. However, the cost of call divert on MTN isn’t abnormally high.

Generally, your SIM will be charged based on your current tariff rate to the destination phone number.

In other words, if your current call rate to MTN phone numbers is 50k / sec, then you will only have to pay that same amount for any call diverted to another MTN line.

Similarly, diverting calls to another network such as (Glo, Airtel, etc.), you’ll be charged at the normal call rate of MTN to Glo or MTN to Airtel numbers.

So know that all charges shall be billed on the phone number you’re diverting calls from.

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