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How to write a good school project (Thesis)

How to write a good school project is aimed at teaching final year student in Nigeria ways for writing a good school project.

To get a good grade in your project work, you need to know how to write an undergraduate project and also learn the format for project writing.

What is a school project?

School Projects are thorough research where students applies their skills, understanding, and various strategies from different content areas and also carry-out an authentic research, analyze data and also think deeply about problems and their solutions and draw conclusions from findings.

How to write a good school project

Firstly, the thing you have to do as a student is to choose a topic of interest i.e. avoid writing a project that was dictated by your lecturer. What interest your lecturer may not interest you. Also, the quality and sincerity of your write up is as a result of your interest.

Secondly, start working from day one all through. Avoid procrastination even if you have 3 months, 4 months or even up to 5 months before your project defense, your time is still counting “Tick, says the clock, what you have to do do quick”. You can save yourself the stress of working midnight hours when it is almost time for submission.

Lastly, ask for help from your project supervisor. Don’t hassle your lecturer by meeting them always because they have other jobs to do. But, ensure you meet them often and relate with them the problems you have encountered while writing your project. Be bold and ask them to help you out if you are stuck because been timid can make them not respond to you properly.

6 Tips on how to write a project

1. Start Early

You can’t write a good school project within a short period of time. You will make mistakes if you are under pressure to beat the deadline for submission. So, starting your project work early is very important if you want to really do a good project work.

2. Source for materials

It’s very important to sources for materials as a student. Past project materials or books from your school library and internet research such as journals or publications; helps you understand your topic better. Also you can notice the gap in knowledge from sourcing materials and proffer solutions.

3. Cite your reference material

During the course of your research you may come across good ideas, works or even write-up you want to include in your write-up. Although, it is necessary to make use of references if you don’t cite the materials you used for your work, you are implying that they are yours and you can be penalized for plagiarism and this affects the credibility of your work.

4. Learn to paraphrase

Paraphrasing is the act of expressing something (spoken or unspoken) using different words to achieve greater clarity. So, rather than just writing anything you see or copy and paste materials from previous work or ideas from several author/researchers. You are expected to get a good knowledge about the topic you are writing on after making research and express it in your own words.

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5. Ask for help

Even the best student in school needs help. So, don’t hesitate to ask your lecturer for help when you need one. Always meet your project supervisor to put you through; because their suggestions are usually very useful if you want to write a good project.

6. Proofreading

This is a critical part where you examine your project write-up to check for errors that might have occurred during writing. Also through proofreading you can know if you have left out any details such as citation or referencing of materials used. You can use Grammerly if you can’t proofread yourself to check for grammatical errors.

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