10 Business Ideas for Nigerian Students

10 Business Ideas for Nigerian Students

Business ideas for Nigerian students – is aimed at providing smart business ideas for Nigerian students that are looking for business ideas they can combine with their studies.

Schooling in Nigeria is not cheap there are bills you must pay such as accommodation, buying books or handouts, transportation, field trips, feeding, photocopy and light bills as well as other expenses.

Therefore, if you are wondering – what business can I start as a Student? you can get an idea of the business to start from reading this writeup till the end.

Education is very demanding and how much time you put into it determines your academic performance. Nevertheless, you can still do business while studying.

Most parents in Nigeria society are in the middle or low-income earners class. As a result, majority of students in Nigeria don’t have wealthy parents who can take adequate care of their school bills. As a student, if you fall in this category then I will give you tips on what business you should do to earn money.

10 Business ideas for Nigerian students

Whether you are a self-sponsored student or parent sponsored student, here are 10 business ideas you can do to supplement the funds you get from home.

1. Blogging

Blogging is an easy way to earn as a student. However, you need to have a topic that interest you and that you can easily write about. You also need a personal laptop and access to the internet.

Furthermore, you need a domain plus a platform to host your blog site. If you have satisfied all this requirement, you can then niche down and write articles on education, sport, health/fitness, etc.

There are several online materials on wow to start a blog. It is completely free to start a blog at Blogspot.

2. Animal farming

This is an agricultural practice that is based solely on the rearing of animals for its milk, meat, eggs, fur, leather, etc. You can earn good money when you sell animals you reared.

Furthermore, you can get your meat, egg or milk supply as a student by breading farm animals.

Animal farming business ideas for Nigerian students:

  • Poultry farming
  • Rabbit farming
  • Snail farming
  • Cattle farming
  • Goat farming
  • Fish farming
  • Pig farming

3. Selling second-hand clothes

You can make good money as a student from selling second-hand clothes; which is popularly called okrika or tokunbo by Nigerians. Many Nigerians now patronize okrika because buying brand new clothes is expensive and most people can’t afford one. So, as a student, you can make good money by obtaining bale of tokunbo and selling then to students in your school or people in your community.

4. Freelance jobs

Do you like to be self-employed? Then, you can become a freelance worker offering services online to multiple clients at a time. Although there are several online freelancing platforms you can register with and make good money from; I will recommend Fiverr and Upwork platform for you.


8 types of freelance jobs:

  • Transcribing
  • Translator
  • Graphic designing
  • Game developer
  • Social media coordinator
  • Article and Blog Writing
  • Illustrator
  • Virtual assistant

5. Home Lessons

If you like spending time with people and imparting knowledge to them; Then you should consider taking home lessons as a student.

There might be parents around your school area or place of abode that are probably looking for lesson teacher for their children. So, to start taking home lesson, you just need to be bold and tell parents you can take their children home lessons.

6. Laundry Services

Owning a laundry shop and rendering laundry services such as washing, drying, and ironing of clothes for customers can give you good income. You can start manually but, buying a washing machine if you have the funds to invest will increase your chance of making good money.

Some washing machine is sold for ₦65,000 or even more at retail shops and even less than that for fairly used ones.

7. Cake and Pastries

Are you good at making cake or pastries? Then you can earn cash by making cakes and pastries and selling them. There are several occasions such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries around your school area or place of abode. Further developing your baking and pastries skills will make you get more job offers from your clients.

8. Photography

The student on campus take photo-shot for one reason or the other. Therefore, you can become a professional photographer and earn from it.

All you need is a good camera and good eyesight for capturing important moments. Also, if your pictures are really good, you may get noticed by other big potential clients outside your campus.

9. Graphic design

Do you have graphic skills and passion for designs? then you should consider the graphic design business.

As a graphic designer, you can design logos and banners for website owners. You can also design business cards and brochures for business owners and get paid for it.

10. Online trades

Finally, you can make money from online trading platforms.

Anyone who has a computer or mobile device can invest in the market and make good money. There are several markets you can learn to trade on such as Binary, Forex, Stock, etc.

Although, it is true that investing in trading platforms is highly risky as you can incur losses in some or all of your investment. But, you can make a good fortune from trading online if you know how to trade.

To succeed in online trading you need to:

  • Sacrifice a lot of time and get a good knowledge of the markets(Binary, Forex or Stock) from people around you who are into it.
  • Practicing good money management.

There are several free online materials on the internet about trading which you can learn from and become an expert online trader.

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