Airtel Nigeria telecommunication company has introduce a short code to check airtime account balance as well a code to check data balance from your comfort zone without picking up your phone to call their customer care hotline.

Most time we do search for how to recharge our Airtel mobile line as well as how to recharge our data. A lot of Airtel subscribers do not know how to check their credit balance on the network or have forgotten especially with networks giving account balance updates after every call and sms

want to know your airtime balance on Airtel?

Have you been searching for the USSD code to check your Airtel credit account balance on your phone? This is unquestionably common amongst all mobile network subscribers, we all search for small things like this as well.

I can boldly tell you that I could remember when I forgot something as easy as checking my data balance on Airtel, yes you heard me right! Sometimes even the easiest of things can be misremembered, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Airtel network is the second most used network in Nigeria and millions of subscribers require USSD codes to do the simplest on their phones, such as recharging, checking data balance, buying data, NIN linkage, switching tariff plans, and many more. In this case, we’d be covering how to check your airtime account balance. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

How to Check Airtel Credit Account Balance Easily

This is one of the most popular, fastest and easiest ways to inquire about or check your Airtel credit balance directly on your phone.

Prepaid account balance code:

  • Dial *310# on your mobile device, then wait for an instant reply from Airtel revealing your prepaid airtime account balance on your phone screen.

What you should know: Starting from 17th May 2023, which is the deadline, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) directed mobile network operators (MNOs) to commence the implementation of approved harmonized short codes (HSC) for providing certain services to telecom consumers in Nigeria. This directive has now been enforced by Airtel which indicates the old USSD code (*123#) to check your airtime balance no longer works.

Want to check your Airtel data balance?

Do you want to learn how you can check Airtel data balance on your phone? However,  your mobile data is one of the most important parts of your smartphone.

Also, watching your favorite movies on smartphones or watching Facebook skits and reels usually run on mobile data. You need to check your data balance regularly to keep track of your mobile data because we live in the era of mobile broadband and 4G. Many users depend on high-speed mobile data to conduct their office and personal online activities.

As a matter of fact, Airtel Nigeria boasts some of the cheapest data plans out there. No wonder the network tags itself as the smartphone network.

How to check Airtel data balance

You can check your Airtel data balance in three different methods they are:


To check my Airtel data balance Dial *323# and follow the promt message to view all your data subscriptions. then choose “Check Balance” options.

2. SMS

To check Airtel data balance from your phone using Text message methods just: Type “Balance” and send it to 323. Your bundle balance will be sent as a reply to you

3. Airtel App

Kindly download the app from the Google Play store for Android phones and the iOS store for Apple phones, if you don’t have it in your phone.

Checking Airtime Account Balance on Other Networks in Nigeria

For those who use other mobile networks in Nigeria, here is a table showing how to know your credit balance.

NetworkAccount balance shortcode
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