How To Apply For Jobs In Dubai As A Foreigner

It is not strange to see Google search queries like (jobs in Dubai or job opportunities in Dubai because of the high rate of unemployment.

Several people in developing countries especially Nigeria, are constantly checking online for job vacancies in Dubai. If you are one of them then, you will be learning how to apply for a job in Dubai

There are several, jobs in Dubai for foreigners such as security jobs, AML jobs, auto electrician jobs, etc. However, getting a job depends on your ability to secure one yourself or to get a good agent that can help you secure one.

Getting a job in Dubai from Nigeria needs you to be a very careful person especially if you’re going through agents. However, if you decide to hunt yourself, you need to be extremely careful of fake recruitment companies online. There are several stories of people who fell hard for recruitment scams.

That’s why you need to be extremely careful to avoid losing money to scammers instead of securing jobs in Dubai.

Where To Apply For Jobs in Dubai

There are basically 2 ways to find and secure jobs in Dubai. One way is to apply through UAE job sites for direct employment from Nigeria while the second way is to procure a 2 months tourist visa and search for jobs on your arrival in Dubai. However, know that in the latter you just have 2 months to search for a job as that is the period of your stay.

1. Sites to visit

To get a job in Dubai from Nigeria you need to invest your money and time. All you have to do is check online and apply to companies with job openings that are offered to both residents and international applicants. Below are some of the reputable sites to apply for jobs in Dubai.

how to apply for jobs in Dubai as a foreigner
Applying online for Jobs in Dubai

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Once you successfully land a job from any job site, the first thing to do is to confirm the genuineness of the employer(s). After that, create a rapport with the rep contacting you from the employer’s end. Next proceed by requesting a written job contact letter, with is also known as an employment letter.

When the prospective employer issues you a written confirmation of a job offer, they begin the employment visa application process on your behalf.

You then, wait for the employer to complete and submit the necessary application to sponsor you for a Dubai employment visa. However, know that the employer is also responsible for paying the applicable employment visa processing fees.

Make sure the information supplied by you for the processing of the employment visa is accurate, as the United Arab Emirates immigration department will contact you when the information submitted by your employer has been verified.

You will also be required to submit your medical examination and blood test results, to rule out diseases such as HIV, hepatitis C or tuberculosis.

So basically here are the things you need to submit

  • Your medical records;
  • two passport-size photos and photocopies of your passport;
  • written job offer verification, and employment visa application (the one completed by your employer) to the Department of Health and Medical Services to obtain a health card; this step is mandatory for foreigners seeking to work in Dubai.

It is also expected of you to submit other necessary documents such as a copy of your credentials and other attaching documents to the Dubai Ministry of Labour office to obtain a labor card. They are as follow:

  • a passport-sized photo.
  • three copies of your employment letter.
  • photocopies of your entry visa.
  • medical records and employer’s labor license.

Dubai Ministry of Labour office Contact:

No 2, Columbia Close Office,

Colorado Street,

Minister’s Hill,

Maitama, Abuja.

Phone: (09) 875.0270 or +234.9.875.0270, 00971-68027666

Email   [email protected]

Email [email protected]

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