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How to create or open an OPAY account

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OPay is an all-time mobile-based platform for payments, loans, transfers, savings and other vital services for every individual. Currently, OPay boasts of over over 18 million registered app users and 500,000 agents in Nigeria who rely on OPay’s services to send and receive money, pay bills and many more. The full meaning of OPAY is Official Payment Corporation. OPay actually started in 2010. Then, it was known as PayCom, under PayCom Nigeria Limited. OPay was founded in 2018 by Opera and is based in Alausa, Ikeja., Lagos with additional offices in Beijing & Gothenburg. OPay is a one-stop mobile-based.

OPay Digital Services Limited is a company founded by Opera Norway AS Group with footprints in rising markets across Asia, Africa and Latin America in countries like Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt and Pakistan.

Who is the owner of OPay?

Yahui Zhou is the owner of Opay. He is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Opera.

Steps on creating an OPay account

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Step 1

Kindly go to Google Play Store on your Android phone or Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device

In the store, click on the search bar and type “OPay.”

Click on the OPay icon and install the app

Once the app has been installed, open it and begin the registration process.

Step 2

Open the OPay app and click on Create New Account,

  • You will be required to enter your mobile number. Make sure the number is accurate and active, as OPay will send an OTP to that number you are expected to input in the box below your number.
  • if you have received the OTP and added it, tap ‘Confirm’ to proceed
  •  you will be required to create a six-digit password which you would use to access your new OPay account
  • Once your password is saved, you will need to fill in your details.
  • Once that is completed, your OPay login is concluded, and you can start enjoying the incredible benefits of OPay.

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of opening an OPay account

OPay, has been given approval by the Central Bank of Nigeria to commence international money transfer in Nigeria. The Director, Remittances Services, OPay, Mr Kunle Olamuyiwa, said in a statement that OPay’s infrastructure in Nigeria would make partnership for global remittance companies easier and faster to help customers receive money directly into their bank accounts or mobile wallets.

He said, “The plan is to distort the remittance space and ensure that international money transfer into Nigeria is safer, faster and more affordable.

“Also, recipients can go cash out their funds from their OPay wallets at any of over 100,000 OPay mobile money agents in Nigeria. We are already working with major global remittance companies around the world and will start facilitating remittances to Nigeria with these partners, ensuring the best fees and exchange rates, speed and security.”

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