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Article Writer? How to Become A Writer

As an article writer, writing is a neuropsychological activity which involves intellectual and physical processes and the use of writing systems to compose and translate human thoughts into relentless representations of human language

Furthermore, an article is a piece of writing which explicates ideas, thoughts, essentials, suggestions and/or recommendations based on a particular topic.

woman working in home office
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Steps on becoming an exceptional article writer

Step 1: As an article writer, select your main topic and define your objectives.

Firstly on how to write an article is to choose your topic. Come up with specific topic to avoid scattered contents.

Then, list the objectives your content must have. Decide the scope and boundaries of your article.

Furthermore, it is easier to compose an article that has target topic to tackle. Once you’re happy with the choice of topic, be sure to stick to it.

Step 2: Target your audience as an Article Writer.

After you settle your main topic, you must know your target readers. Ask yourself, what do you want your readers to learn from you using your article? What information do they need to know in your article? And define your writing approach.

Step 3: Gather your information and resources.

After selecting your main topic and target audience, do research existing works. Find articles with the same taste of idea and content flow. You’ll need to back up yourself once you start writing the article. Pick up ideas and support your claims. If you’re writing an opinion, you must claim facts from researches and authors as your basis. Bullets and adding keywords to highlight your article eases the flow of writing.  And you must never forget to site your resources.

Step 4: Create your topic outline and rough draft.

Once you gather data and ideas from your research, create a rough draft. Topic outlining is an effective way of letting your ideas flow.

Also jot down concepts and create section breaks. Write every idea that pops into your mind.

Also mind your grammar, punctuations, and analytical factors lesser at this step. Just let your mind and hands work.

Furthermore, inject ideas to form your article. Use the bullets and keywords to solidify your article’s work.

Step 5: Edit your draft.

After your rough draft, the next step in article writing guide is to edit your content. Be sure to follow correct grammar usage and punctuations.

Also ensure that you scan for misspelled words and track your article’s flow. Ideas must come in order to avoid directing your readers away. Spot proper usage of words and align it to your target audience.

Step 6: Proofread your content.

Besides, as any article writing guide would say, proofread your work. Don’t just trust your editing skills. Proofreading defines how your article sounds and how it affects your readers. Grab the chance to spot for any more mistakes and aim for a seamless reading flow.

Step 7: Add visuals, infographic, and images.

Finally, in article writing guide, is to add any infographic, visuals, and images in your article. This gives your readers a break. For today’s fast-paced industry, audience engages more with visual materials and it helps them digest what they’re reading. Add visuals relevant to your content to make sure reading engagement.

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In conclusion, for any proposed/intended article that must be made, it must be an interesting topic that has to pull the interest of your audience and should be precise, lots of researches must be collated and drafted for efficiency and there’s really no need for long and meaningless stories. For Further enquiries visit

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