Uber Business in Nigeria

How To Start Uber Business in Nigeria

With the high rate of unemployment in the country, here is a simple guide on how to start an Uber business in Nigeria.

Starting a Uber business in Nigeria is quite profitable. Notwithstanding, you need to know how to go about it. Also, the Uber business can be done part-time if you are doing another job.

Let’s take a look at how you can start your Uber business in Nigeria which can serve as a source of income.

How to Start Uber business in Nigeria
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How To Start Uber Business In Nigeria

Uber is basically a transportation network company located in San Francisco, California. The Uber company was founded back in 2009 and was called UberCab by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. Uber idea was found based on Camp’s interest in finding ways to reduce the cost of direct transportation and he discovered that sharing the cost with people could make it affordable, this idea later became Uber.

The Uber platform is estimated to have over 100 million users in different parts of the world, Nigeria inclusive.

If you are a licenced driver then you can easily make money from Uber by driving people around your city. Visit Arizona Sedan And Limo to know about luxurious transportation. 

Requirement for Starting Uber business in Nigeria

If you’re looking to start a Uber business, there are some requirements you need to meet as a Uber driver.

Requirements for all Uber driver applicant:

  • A valid driving license.
  • You must have completed a safety screening exercise.
  • You should be at least 21 years of age.

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Vehicle requirement from the Uber driver:

You will need to meet these conditions before your car can be accepted into becoming an Uber Affiliate.

Similarly, before you hit the road, you will need to upload the documentation which includes uploading valid vehicle insurance and driver’s license. If the vehicle is your personal vehicle, then you need to upload your vehicle inspection report in your profile.

  • All vehicles need to be in excellent working and physical condition, air conditioning, a working radio, and four doors.
  • The model of the car must be at least 2002 which is the year the car or vehicle was released.
  • The car must have four working passenger doors. Uber will test these doors to see that they are working properly. The company doesn’t allow two doors cars.
  • The vehicle must have a valid insurance policy document. You can’t apply to become a Uber driver without this document.
  • You will also provide a vehicle inspection report.

After the completion of your documentation process, you can then proceed to activate your account. After uploading all your documents, your vehicle will be activated.

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Uber app download

Irrespective of if you are a Android or iPhone user you can easily download the Uber app. This app is designed to connect drivers with Uber users in their locality.

When any Uber user needs a Uber driver service all he has to do is press the request button. This app is programmed with a special algorithm to match drivers and the customer in need of a ride to a nearby driver with a pre-verified taxi.

This simply means that Uber provides the application to connect or link the driver with riders. The company is touted as the largest transportation company in the world although it doesn’t own any vehicles or cars of its own.

So, you can actually make money on the Uber Nigeria platform by driving your own car yourself by picking up Uber customers whenever the request comes. You are paid on a weekly basis directly into your bank account

Nevertheless, if you are the busy type and you don’t have the time because you work other jobs. Then, you can put your fleet of cars on the Uber Nigeria platform and hire drivers to drive them for you. However, the most profitable option is if you drive your own car yourself.

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In summary, here is a compiled list of facts about Uber platform every driver intending to get registered with Uber must be aquinted with.

  1. For every earnings Uber drivers get 75% of the fare, while the remaining 25% goes to Uber.
  2. Uber pays weekly and the business week ends at 4am on Monday. This means that you will get a report showing your activities for the week and how much you’re due on Tuesday and on Thursday you will get paid. However, if you have received cash from uber users during any of your trips, you’re required to submit all cash accrued to your corresponding Uber Partner.
  3. If you are an Uber Partner, you can make between N40,000 – N100,000 a week or more. This is dependent on the numbers of trips you embark on.
  4. Uber Partner, drives around a lot, so you will need a fuel-efficient car; Such as, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Corolla or Kia Rio are some of the best Uber X cars because of their fuel efficiency.
  5. It is compulsory for all Uber cars to have comprehensive insurance although Uber is not particular about the insurance provider.
  6. As a driver, you can make as many as 100 trips per week and this can boost your weekly income.
  7. You can pay for a N2m car in a couple of months based on your proceeds from driving for Uber but if you will be using hired drivers, it can take upto 18 months.
  8. About 50% of rides in Nigeria are paid for in cash. This has been linked to the fact that many Nigerians are not comfortable with leaving their card details on an online platform.
  9. Hotels and malls are excellent options when looking for rides. These places make up to 30% of the total Uber rides.

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