A married couple

Types of marriage common in Nigeria

Marriage is a thing most people look forward to in the past and even now still look forward to, and it is a union between a man and a woman. The marriage choice you make has a way of dictating you right as a spouse in case of any issues such as divorce and death. […]

How to make your marriage work

How To Make Your Marriage Work

Are you in a marriage crisis or you are at the verge of divorce and you are wondering how you can make your marriage work? If so, you will get the best advise on what to do. Ideally marriage is a thing of joy and should be enjoyed rather than endured! but a lot of […]

igbo traditional marriage attire

Igbo Traditional Marriage: All You Need To Know

Have you ever wonder how the Igbo people celebrate a traditional marriage? well, this article will explain everything you need to know about the Igbo people traditional marriage rites and attire. Unlike most cultures in Nigeria, the Igbo culture has a unique way of choosing a spouse and celebrating traditional marriage. The parents of the […]

10 Business Ideas for Nigerian Students

10 Business Ideas for Nigerian Students

Business ideas for Nigerian students – is aimed at providing smart business ideas for Nigerian students that are looking for business ideas they can combine with their studies. Schooling in Nigeria is not cheap there are bills you must pay such as accommodation, buying books or handouts, transportation, field trips, feeding, photocopy and light bills […]

A woman writing a school project

How to write a good school project (Thesis)

How to write a good school project is aimed at teaching final year student in Nigeria ways for writing a good school project. To get a good grade in your project work, you need to know how to write an undergraduate project and also learn the format for project writing. What is a school project? […]

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How to avoid plagiarism as a student in Nigeria

How to avoid plagiarism as a student Many Universities in Nigeria takes plagiarism seriously as a result, some university in Nigeria now make use of Turnitin software to check if the projects submitted by its student are their original work. Hence, a lot of student are asking this question: “how to avoid plagiarism in research?”. […]