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Poultry Farming For Beginners: How To Make ₦600,000 As A Beginner

Poultry farming for beginners will show you how to earn a lucrative income from owning a poultry farm business.

It doesn’t matter if you are new into the poultry farming business you can follow this guide to learn how to make ₦600,000 even if you are a beginner

There are several agribusinesses you can venture into and the poultry farming business is one of the most lucrative agribusinesses – You can easily start your poultry production in Nigeria and get a good return on your investment.

The commercial poultry farming business is highly profitable and has made several people in the country millionaire from scratch.

You can generate steady poultry farming income even from owning a small poultry farm in Nigeria.

After carrying out an absolute feasibility study on poultry farming businesses in Nigeria and owning one myself, I have decided to share this guide with as many as are interested in setting up a commercial poultry farm.

Therefore, this article ‘Poultry farming for beginners’ will show you how to make a profit of ₦600,000 as a starter.

What Is Poultry Farming?

Poultry farming is an agricultural practice (rearing animals) of raising domesticated birds such as geese, duck, turkey, quail, chicken, peacock, guinea fowl, pigeon, etc. for the purpose of their meat and eggs.

How much does a poultry farmer make?

The answer to this question is subjective, as there are several factors that determine how much a poultry farmer can make.

These factors include:

  • The type of poultry production
  • The capital invested
  • Mortality rate
  • The demand for poultry products (egg/meat)
  • Not too many established competitors.

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Is poultry farming a good business?

Without any form of doubt poultry farming business is a good agribusiness idea, because it is very lucrative and the demand for poultry products is high in the country.

Therefore if you receive a proper guide, starting a chicken farm especially broiler or layer farming business can give you steady poultry farming income.

How much does it cost to start a poultry farm in Nigeria?

How much it cost to start a poultry farm varies from locations and is dependent on the size of the intended poultry business.

For instance, If you want to start a small poultry farm in Nigeria. To build the henhouse, buy equipment and raise 50 broiler birds to the slaughter stage, it will cost you ₦120,000.

Poultry farming for beginners

If you really want to start a commercial poultry farming business, here are things you must do as it will guarantee your success:

  • Learn the tricks of poultry farming.
  • Decide on meat or egg production or both.
  • Select a good location for the poultry birds.
  • Know the present cost of things and your financial abilities.
  • Make market analyses.

1. Learn the trick of the business

The reason most poultry farmers beginners fail in the poultry farm business is because of a lack of experience. Poultry farming is a delicate business and only those who play by the rules succeed in it.

If you don’t have any knowledge about poultry farming it is better to enroll in a training course on how to breed (DOC) chicks. Better still you can enroll or consult a farmer; pay a fee if that is what they want and be put through the business.

2. Decide on meat or egg production or both

Your scale of production or type of product is dependent on your financial abilities. If the funds in you are just for the production of eggs or meat only; stick to that for the moment till you grow in the poultry farming business whereby you can now produce both meat and egg in your poultry farm.

3. Select a good location for the poultry birds

This is very essential in the poultry farming business. For small scale poultry farming business like meat or egg production, the farmer can practice in his house environment. However, for large scale farming, every farmer is expected by the law to practice outside a housing estate because of the noise and odor of the birds.

It is also very important for farmers to select areas that are close to the market where the products are going to be sold.

Lastly, a large scale poultry farm must be sited in an area with good access to road, adequate security, power supply, and clean water supply.

4. Know the present price of things and your financial abilities

It essential for a poultry farmer to know the price of things and the finances needed for running a desired scale of production. With this, you won’t get stuck with issues like buying feeds for the birds.

5. Make market analyses

As a poultry farmer, it is very important to do market analyses of the demand for poultry products (eggs and meat) in your area or certain location before producing. If the demands are more than the supply; then venturing into poultry production in that location will give you good poultry farming income.

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Poultry Farming Business Plan

Here is a chicken rearing business plan for making over ₦600,000 in 8 weeks farming broiler poultry breed.

How to start a poultry farm
chicken rearing business plan

Credit source: Pexels

Broiler chicken farming business plan

DOC 1000 @250 = ₦250,000

50 bags of feeds (50kg) @ ₦9,000 = ₦900,000

Drugs and Vaccines = ₦32,000

If well-fed, a broiler can weigh over 2kg after 7 weeks. Assuming you lost 10% of the broilers, you are left with 900 birds.

For instance, 1 Kilogram of broiler is purchased for ₦1,000 in certain locations. let’s assume you sell like that we have.


1 broiler = 2kg after 7 weeks; likewise, 900 broilers = 1800kg after 7 weeks.

1800kg × ₦1000 = ₦1,800,000

Profit = Income – Expenses

₦1,800,000 – 1,182,000 = ₦618,000

In summary, after building your poultry henhouse, do the electrical installation, and bought the equipment necessary. You can make a whopping ₦618,000 as profit every 6 – 7 weeks from raising 1,000 poultry birds with a 10% mortality rate. This is more than the ₦600,000 I talked about.


The chicken rearing business is the most common poultry business in Nigeria. If you can put a good business plan in place, rearing chicken is easy and you can get a steady poultry farming income.

It is also very important for you to know how to manage the mortality rate of your poultry birds. This is a good way to increase your poultry farming income and minimize your loss.

This business idea is very easy to start and if you are passionate about it you can become established in a short period.

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