Safety tips to avoid one chance

Safety Tips on How To Avoid One chance In Nigeria Cities

Knowing the safety tips on how to avoid one chance robbery in Nigeria cities will help you stay safe. Therefore we decided to publish several tips on how to help you stay safe and have an enjoyable trip across Nigeria.

Disposing passengers of their valuables on board in a commercial vehicle, popularly known as ‘one chance robbery’, has become a case of imperative concern and there is an outcry for information on how to avoid this scenario in Nigeria.

They are on the prowl in Nigeria cities looking for prey. With the Christmas and new year seasoning approaching, this is the period where they are more active as their attack will be on those traveling for the holidays.

How to avoid one chance gangs in Nigerian cities

One chance simply refers to a form of robbery whereby unsuspecting passengers boarded or are being lured into a particular commercial vehicle occupied by criminals. They drive them to an isolated location and deprived them of the valuables on them after which they are abandoned. Similarly, One-chance may also involve kidnapping.

It is very possible and an easy feat for these criminals to carry out their evil plot if you are not careful.

These one-chance operatives are mostly armed with weapons such as daggers, guns and even hypnotic sprays.

The vehicle most times, will have other occupants posing as passengers. This will make the unsuspecting victims less suspicious.

Here are some tips on how to avoid one chance in Nigeria. It will come in handy so make sure to keep them in mind and apply them when going out or traveling.

1. Avoid Hitchhiking/Accepting Lift from unknown persons

It is very common to see people on the streets in Nigeria cities looking for a free ride despite the horrifying tales from survivors of kidnapping or armed robbery. People still won’t take precautions against accepting lifts from people they don’t know.

The police and other security agents are not the only ones tasked with keeping you safe, you should also be concerned about your own safety and take precautions to keep yourself safe.

Hitchhiking is one of the ways these criminals easily get their victims especially ladies. Therefore avoid accepting free rides from people you don’t know.

2. Board Vehicles From Parks And Bus Stations

How to avoid on chance in Nigeria

Although boarding vehicles directly from parks in Nigeria is more expensive, however, it is safer to do that always.

Standing by the roadside to go for that trip will definitely reduce the cost of transportation but at what risk?. So it is better to plan ahead and know the amount it will take for you to get to your destination.

It might take a longer time for the vehicle to move because all the sits must be occupied but be patient. It is better to be late than to be late (dead).

Similarly, it is better to spend money and spare your life and other valuables you will be traveling with.

So make sure you always board vehicles from bus stations and parks as the vehicles there are most times registered to an association and the government.

3. Traveling on your own car

This is the surest and safest way on how to avoid one chance robbery in Nigeria cities. You own a car why not travel with it?. Some people don’t like driving for a long-distance or for hours. You can actually hire someone to do the driving for you.

Find someone you know that can drive and owns a driver’s license. Bargain with him and all you have to do is sit back while he does the driving. This will also save you time.

4. Be Very Observant And At Alert

Most times, it is not glaring to see any suspicious activity from these one-chance robbery operatives. You have to be very observant and vigilant. Take note of the passengers as well as the vehicle very well.

If you suspect anything or you think the passengers look suspicious, do not board. In fact, take a shot of the plate number and send it to three or four persons on your contact.

5 Use a recognized taxi/urban Bus

In most cities in Nigeria, the recognized color for most taxis is yellow with stripe of black. These taxis are safe, licensed and properly insured. Using them for your movements within the city will help reduce the possibility of fallen victim to one-chance robbers.

Also, governments provide urban buses in most cities in Nigeria. Though there is the issue of overcrowding using these buses, it is still safer. Always remember safety before comfort.

6. Be cautious during odd hours

Someone is very susceptible to these criminals during the night hours or early in the morning. Don’t just board any vehicle because you are in a hurry or in a haste to get to your destination.

This will make you blind to the intentions of the driver as you won’t be observant enough. Remember to take caution and observe the occupant(s) of the vehicle.

7. Follow your instinct

There is this thing called the ‘sixth sense’ or ‘inner voice’ that always alerts you of dangers around you. When you feel uncomfortable about a particular vehicle, do not ignore it. Don’t board the car. You might not know, this is your ‘sixth sense’ at work

Some victims of one chance operatives end up been used for rituals leading to their death. In fact, as a survivor, it will affect you psychologically and you will develop the fear of boarding public transport.

Also, believing that a commercial vehicle with female passengers is less suspicious or safer is wrong. I have heard stories of these females being the leaders.

Arm yourselves with the tips on how to avoid one chance in Nigeria cities for your own safety. It doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes for this precious information.

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