What Is NUBAN Account Number

Recently I wanted to tease a friend of mine so I asked her to give me her NUBAN number – the look on her face showed clearly she doesn’t know what a NUBAN account number is or it meaning.

The confusion is understandable since the word ‘NUBAN’ is actually an acronym.

To some people, the word NUBAN is unknown while a lot of people keep asking what is the meaning of NUBAN?

Just like several others if you don’t know what a NUBAN number is, then delve deep with me in this post to learn about the NUBAN number.

Similarly, this article will guide you on how to obtain a NUBAN number.

What is NUBAN number?

NUBAN is an acronym that stands for Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number. In other words, NUBAN is the same as your bank account number.

One of the essential things to know in order to manage an account properly is the NUBAN number. NUBAN is a 10-digit bank account numbering system. It was created in the year 2011.

Because of the creation/introduction of this system, the traditional longer account numbering structure was brought to a close. Now all over Nigeria we now have the short bank account number which is just 10-digit.

NUBAN is in-line with the well-known requirements of the West Africa Monetary Institute. Therefore, irrespective of the account you want to open it must have only 10-digit numbers.

Every bank in Nigeria is required to have a unique NUBAN code for every customer account. Be it a current account, deposit account, savings account, etc. If it is less or more than 10 then it is incorrect.

The NUBAN number needs to be provided before any transaction can happen between a bank and its customers.

The NUBAN number has to be in the customer record database of the bank. It is an individual number for each customer of various banks.

Two individuals can not have the same number in a particular bank. As stated, the NUBAN number has 10-digits which can easily be memorized. Unlike the former one. It can easily be managed by the employees of the bank and the customers.

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How To Obtain A NUBAN Number

Obtaining a NUBAN account number is not a difficult feat. All you had to do is to visit a branch of the bank. For instance, if you wish to own a UBA NUBAN account number, then visit any UBA branch near you.

On speaking with one of a UBA staff attending to you about your intention, you will be given a form to fill and be asked to choose the account type.

Some documents and forms of identification will be required from you, including birth certificate, state of origin, ID card, etc. This varies from bank to bank.

Alternatively, you can use Bank USSD code to open one.

Almost all banks in Nigeria have embraced mobile banking and you can open a preliminary account by just dialing the unique USSD banking code associated with them. However, you will need to provide then basic information about yourself and you’ll get your unique 10-digit NUBAN afterward.

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