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How To Check Your UBA Account Number

Have you forgotten your UBA account number? If yes, in this writeup you will discover several methods you can use to check your UBA account number.

Every bank in Nigeria provides its customers with easy ways to retrieve their account numbers. This is a good thing because it helps you or me retrieve our account number should in case we forget it at some point in time.

United Bank for Africa is among the list of current commercial banks in Nigeria and it is also one of the CBN approved banks in Nigeria. They have millions of customers nationwide and each customer has a unique 10-digit NUBAN.

How to check your UBA account number

There are several ways you can check/retrieve your UBA account number however in this writeup we will only be showing you three methods.

If for one reason or the other you forget your NUBAN then follow the method below to know how to check the UBA bank account number.

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Method 1. Check UBA account number online

You can check your UBA account number online using your phone. All you have to do is contact the UBA customer care representative; using either their official email, phone numbers, live chat, etc. You can then ask for your NUBAN in the process. However, know that you’ll be asked to provide information that will be used to confirm you own an account with UBA.

Below is the list of the information you will need to provide to the online customer care representative attending to you:

  • Full name
  • Phone number linked to your UBA account
  • Next of kin
  • Date of Birth
  • The bank branch at which you registered your account
  • Residential address

As long as you are able to provide all this information then you have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that you own an account with UBA. With that, the customer care representative will help you retrieve your account number.

Method 2. Visit any UBA branch near you

This is also another method you can use to know your bank account number. All you have to do is visit any UBA bank branch near you.

On arriving at the banking hall, go to the customer service section of the bank and tell them you want to know your account number. In other words, meet the person attending to people in the customer section and tell him/her your intentions.

You will be asked to provide information that would be used to verify if you really own an account.

If the information provided by you is sufficient and accurate, there would be no issue retrieving your account number.

What is the code to check my UBA account number?

If you want to know the code you can use to check your UBA account number; apparently there’s no means for that now. You can’t use code as a UBA customer to know your account number. Therefore, the only options available are just the two methods I mentioned above.

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  1. Please i open account with UBA bank at college of education zuba 2019 and have not activate it I really need the account number please help me with it and activate it for me please also include a much I can put into the account thank you sir /ma

    • Hello Miss Olushola Toyin, I am just an information blogger and not affiliated with or working for UBA. I am sorry I can't really help you. I will advise you to visit any UBA branch in your area to make this complaint to them. Thanks.

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