“Dangote Refinery” All You Need To Know

Dangote Aliko- Who is He? Dangote Aliko GCON is a Nigerian businessman and industrialist (who owns the newly commissioned “Dangote Refinery”). He is the preeminent founder, chairman, and CEO of the Dangote Group, the largest industrial conglomerate in West Africa. Dangote was born on 10 April 1957 (age 66 years), in Kano State. His net worth, is […]

Dangote Refinery Recruitment

Dangote Refinery Recruitment Form 2023/2024- Is It On? The Dangote Refinery recruitment 2023/2024 portal is currently open for online applications. The recruitment form, qualifications, requirements and all information is accessed on the recruitment portal. See the available job vacancies at the Refinery below. This article we will disclose all you need to know about the […]

Toby Shang-A Nigerian Artist

Toby Shang- Who is He? Tobi Michael ADELEYE’s popular stage name “Toby Shang” is a Nigerian singer, Master of Ceremony (MC), and hypeman. Also, He became prominent with the sound “Run this Town” which enjoyed immense airplay on radio and TV stations across Nigeria. Toby’s Biography He was born February 6, 1994. A Yoruba by […]

“IDAN” Meaning and Derivation

“IDAN”- What is the meaning of IDAN? The term “IDAN” a popular Nigerian street word is trending on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp for some days now. Again, In modern-day Nigeria, “IDAN” has taken on a broader meaning. “IDAN” refers to “BOSS” or someone who possesses exceptional qualities and abilities. It describes […]


Hilda Basi Breaks “The Guinness World Record”

Who is Hilda Basi? Hilda Effiong Bassey generally known as Hilda Baci is a prominent Nigerian cook, born on September 20, 1996, in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. She has made a name for herself in the Nigerian cooking industry. She was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and developed a passion for cooking at a […]

Hilda Basi

Hilda Basi, Holds the Guinness Book Record

Hilds Basi-Who is She? Hilda Basi was born in Nigeria and grew up in a family that valued good food and hospitality. Her mother was a cook and baker who instilled in her a love for cooking from a young age. Hilda Basi’s Career She studied catering and hotel management at the Federal Polytechnic in […]

What is “IDAN Nigeria”

“IDAN”: Understanding the Trending Term in Nigeria In recent weeks, the term “IDAN” has been a trending topic on social media platforms in Nigeria. The controversy surrounding popular Nigerian singer, Davido, and social media influencer, Israel DMW, has brought the term into the limelight. But what exactly does “IDAN” mean, and why has it struck […]

professional man interviewing an applicant

“Job Interview” Tips On How To Go About it

Job Interview-Meaning? A job interview is an interrogation consisting of a conversation between a job applicant and a representative of an employer which is conducted to assess whether the applicant should be hired. Interviews are one of the most popularly used strategies for employee selection. Even when you have gone on more interviews than you […]

fresh vegetables on brown wooden table

Skin Care-Tips To Keeping A Proper Skin Routine

Skin Care Your skin is your body’s biggest organ, and it shields the rest of your body from dirt, germs, and other daily danger of the outside world, given that it has such a vital job to do, taking good care of your skin is a major part of protecting your overall health! If you […]

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OPAY ACCOUNT-How To Open/Create

Meaning of OPay Account? An OPay account is an all-time mobile-based platform for payments, loans, transfers, savings and other vital services for every individual. Currently, it boasts of over 18 million registered app users and 500,000 agents in Nigeria who rely on Its services to send and receive money, pay bills and many more. Therefore […]