How to transfer airtime on airtel

How To Check Your Airtel Number Easily and Fast

If you own an Airtel number and for one reason or the other you have forgotten your 11-digits number here is a guide on how to check your airtel number. All mobile networks in Nigeria provide their customers with 11-digit mobile numbers. Although it is easy to memorize an 11-digit number. Notwithstanding, if you own […]

How to transfer airtime on airtel

How To Check Glo Phone Number Easily and Fast

In this guide, you can learn easy ways to check your Glo phone number if you’ve forgotten it. If for one reason or the other you have forgotten your number, you can learn from this guide how to check the 11-digits number assigned to your Glo line using these simple methods you will be shown here. How […]

How to transfer airtime on airtel

How To Check Your UBA Account Number

Have you forgotten your UBA account number? If yes, in this writeup you will discover several methods you can use to check your UBA account number. Every bank in Nigeria provides its customers with easy ways to retrieve their account numbers. This is a good thing because it helps you or me retrieve our account […]

Mtn call divert

MTN Call Barring Code: How To Activate/Deactivate Call Barring On MTN

It’s easy to block annoying numbers from calling your MTN line with the MTN call barring code. Basically, MTN call barring service helps customers block all (or some) incoming/outgoing calls on their MTN lines and this can be done with code. If for one reason or the other you don’t feel like receiving or making […]

Ecobank recharge code

Ecobank Airtime Recharge Code: Code For Ecobank Recharge

Besides transferring money, paying bills, or checking your account balance you can also use the Ecobank bank transfer code to recharge airtime for yourself and others directly from your bank account. You can easily buy airtime for yourself and others by just simply inputting the Ecobank recharge code on your phone. The interesting thing is […]

SMEDAN registration portal

Correct SWIFT Code For Keystone Bank Limited

In this writeup is the correct Keystone bank SWIFT code you can use to receive/send money abroad. This SWIFT BIC can be used for all Stanbic bank in Nigeria. Basically, the Keystone bank Limited swift code enables you to easily transfer funds from a foreign destination into your local bank account and it is also used to send […]